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Istanbul is a resort that caters for those of you who enjoy learning about other cultures and seeing a lot of history. If you enjoy sightseeing then you will definitely enjoy Istanbul. From Ataturk International Airport, the transfer time is 45 minutes. This gives you plenty of time to look at the scenery around you and get an understanding of the location of the resort and your accommodation within the resort. The best beaches that you could go to from Istanbul are located on the Prince's Islands that you can reach by boat. These tend to get very busy so it is important to get there early during peak periods. There are some brilliant hotels in Istanbul that are very old fashioned and full of history. The hotels are between 4-5-stars and are very attractive.

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Istanbul - There Is An Endless Amount Of Sightseeing To Do

There are many famous sites for you to go and see in Istanbul. This includes a Mosque, the Hippodrome, the Ottoman palace, museums, the famous Galatasary stadium and many other historical buildings. It can be easy to get lost in the resort so it is important to take a guidebook and plan your journey out. There are cruises up the Black Sea as well as cruises to the Princes' Island. There are more brilliant villas, beaches and monasteries to be seen as well as more Mosques. Istanbul also offers various ancient attractions that can be found on one of the many tours available. Tours to Troy are very popular and well-worth seeing.

Istanbul - Restaurants All Around

Istanbul has some brilliant restaurants, mainly offering Turkish cuisines. This can be found in both restaurants and hotels. If you prefer something more familiar then why not try Italian, Chinese Indian, Japanese or French cuisines. You will also be able to find kebabs and other fast food in some areas. There is also a lot of seafood, particularly on the boats that offer food. There are plenty of discos and bars around with dances and live music. These will keep you occupied for the majority of the night. There are plenty of shops in Istanbul that offer clothing, jewellery, shoes, bag, books, leather and souvenirs. There are plenty of buses in Istanbul that take you around the resort and into others, as well as passenger ferries taking you around.

Istanbul - Mild Temperatures

Istanbul has a particularly mild climate all year round. January and December seem to have the most rainfall with around 100mm each. July and August are the warmest temperatures in Istanbul at 33°C, although temperatures have been known to reach higher than this. June, July and August all have around 10 hours of sunshine a day, with this number dropping to around 4-5- hours during the winter months. The winter temperatures tend to drop to around 5°C, however temperature never drop below 0°C.

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