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Icmeler is a resort that is perfectly suited to those couples and families looking for a really relaxing beach holiday. The resort has its lively side, however it also has a laid-back side. It is very popular with British tourists throughout the year. The transfer time for this resort is 2 to 2 and a half hours giving you more than enough time to look at the surrounding scenery and get an understanding for the location of the resort and your accommodation within the resort. The beach is covered with fine, pale sand and offers many amenities such as sunbeds and parasols. The beach however does get very busy during the peak of the summer period. The accommodation in Icmeler is very modern with 4-5-star hotels. You will also find plenty of B&Bs and self-catering apartments. You will find mostly half-board to all-inclusive in the hotels. Many of the hotels are also within a short walking distance to the beach.

Icmeler - Plenty Of Water Sports To Enjoy

Icmeler is home to many water sports. These include windsurfing, surfing, water-skiing, jet-skiing, scuba diving, snorkelling and taking out pedalloes. There are also many boat trips to go on that will take you along the coast of Turkey or onto other islands. You can also go and visit Marmaris for shopping and sightseeing. There are also plenty of excursions for you to enjoy. This includes sightseeing in many of the villages, coves and peninsulas along the coast, or seeing the historic sites in Marmaris. If you would prefer to do a full day excursion, then why not take a boat trip up to Rhodes for shopping and sightseeing, as well as trips to Bodrum, Dalyan and Caunus.

Icmeler - Typical Tourist Menu's

Many of the hotels in Icmeler offer some brilliant menu's. If you prefer to go out for a meal though, then visit one of the many restaurants that cater to British taste. You will obviously find British food, as well as Turkish, Italian, Chinese and Indian. There are also a lot of seafood, fast food and snack bars. There are lively sides to the resort, with discos and a casino coming alive at night. There are also plenty of bars for you to choose from with music and karaoke. Some of the hotels also have entertainment for your enjoyment in the evening. There are plenty of tourist shops for you to enjoy where you will find souvenirs, crafts, clothing, shoes, bags and watches. If you want to do more shopping then why not go to Marmaris. There are regular buses taking you in and around the resort. You can flag down the buses or grab a water taxi to Marmaris.

Icmeler - Typically Hot Mediterranean Climate

Icmeler is a hot resort with 320 days of pure sunshine a year. August is the hottest month in Icmeler with temperatures exceeding 35°C. There is a cooling sea breeze that sweeps through the resort keeping the humidity down and temperatures at a comfortable level. You will also be lucky enough to get 13 hours of pure sunshine a day in Icmeler. From July until the end of September, it is very unlikely that temperatures will drop below 30°C. From October onwards, temperatures are still above 25°C and you will still see over 10 hours of sunshine a day. The water temperatures are very warm making it all the more pleasant to try water sports. During the winter, temperatures are still around 15°C. There are still around 5 hours of sunshine a day for you to enjoy, however there will be the odd shower. The rainfall is very infrequent and does not last long so there is still plenty of time to go and enjoy the sunshine.

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