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Gumbet is perfectly suited to couples and families looking to enjoy a real beach holiday. People who enjoy sitting on the beach and spending an evening in a bar would definitely enjoy this resort. Gumbet has a transfer time of anything from 40 minutes to an hour. This depends on where you are staying in the resort and gives you plenty of time to look around at all of the scenery that is on offer in the resort. The beach in Gumbet is large and long with fine, pale sands covering it. There are many hotels in Gumbet that range from 2-5-stars. You will find both self-catering and all-inclusive options.

Gumbet - Plenty Of Beach Based Activities For You To Enjoy

There are many water sports for you to try in Bitez. These include windsurfing, water-skiing, surfing, jet-skiing, scuba diving and snorkelling. There are also speed-boat rides that you can go on that many people find enjoyable. You can go on many excursions such as ferry trips of other places such as Kos and Rhodes. There are also many coastal cruises to go on as well as shopping and sightseeing trips to other resorts.

Gumbet - Good Variety Of Restaurants On Offer

There are many restaurants available in Gumbet, with many along the seafront or in the town itself. You will find a lot of Turkish cuisine and seafood, as well as international cuisines such as Mexican, Chinese and Indian. There is also a lot of fast food available to you as well. There is a wide variety of bars and discos in Gumbet, as well as a casino. The resort can be fairly lively and is well suited for those looking to have a good time during the evening. For serious shopping, head to Bodrum where you will find clothing, jewellery and everything else that you want. Here it is mainly souvenir shops to enjoy. There is a frequent and reliable mini bus that will take you to and from Bodrum and from there you can then find transport into other areas should you wish to.

Gumbet - Brilliant Summer Weather

Gumbet is a brilliant resort that boasts over 300 days of sunshine. If you are looking for a hot and sunny resort than visit Gumbet any time between May and October. You will get over 12 hours of sunshine a day with temperatures in August reaching over 35°C. There is a coastal breeze to keep humidity down and maintain the temperatures, however it still gets very hot. Air conditioning is definitely recommended if you are staying here. The water temperature reaches over 25°C making swimming very comfortable. Spring and Autumn are obviously cooler, however still very pleasant. Although in the winter months, the sunshine hours drop to around 5 hours, the temperature still remains high at 15-20°C.

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