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Most holidays in Tunisia are taken in resorts such as Hammamet, Skanes, Sousse and Port el Kantaoui. Tunisia has over 800 miles of coastline, making it a brilliant destination for sunbathing and water sports. Tunisia has many old buildings for you to see and a strong history, showing off their Roman ruins. Tunisia has a lot to offer people. You can relax along beaches, go sightseeing, or try one of the many activities. The beaches are very popular and receive sunshine all day long. Sunbeds and parasols are both available for hire if you feel that you need them. There are many hotels in Tunisia, offering you both luxury and character. All hotels are graded on a 1 to 5-star basis.

Tunisia Plenty To See And Do

A must when visiting Tunisia is a desert safari. Most hotels will arrange this for you as many visitors have rated it their top Tunisia excursion. There are many ancient sites for you to visit such as the Phoenician ruins and the Roman theatres. Many villages also have a number of ancient buildings for you to see. Golf is very popular in Tunisia with plenty of courses in various resorts. Water sports are very popular on the beaches of Tunisia. Windsurfing, surfing, jet-skiing, water-skiing and snorkelling can all be tried here. One of the most popular water sports has to be scuba diving. You can receive professional instruction on diving and hire all the equipment. There are plenty of dive areas that have been well-conserved for you to explore with a variety of marine life.

Tunisia Something For Everyone

There are many cuisines in Tunisia for you to enjoy, such as Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and French. There are many fresh ingredients in the dishes, for example seafood, which is freshly caught every day. Tipping is not necessarily required, however taxi drivers are usually tipped a few coins and waiters in tourist restaurants usually receive a 10% tip. There are many theatres and cinemas in Tunis. Many restaurants and bars also have live music and entertainment here as well. There are a number of nightclubs open through the night with a variety of music on offer. There are several music festivals during the summer months for you to enjoy as well. Shopping in Tunisia is good, with leather goods such as wallets, purses and handbags available.

Tunisia Hot Summers, Mild Winters

Tunisia weather varies, with the cooler weather in the mountains and the warmer weather in the southern areas. The warmest month tends to be July, where temperatures are known to reach well over 30C. You will also get around 10 hours of sunshine a day. December and January are the coldest months in Tunisia, with temperatures ranging from 5-7C. There are still at least 6 hours of sunshine a day. Rain does fall in winter, however they are short-lived outbursts and soon dry up. For a mild holiday in Tunisia, visit in May, June or September, as you will get temperatures of around 20C and a cooling sea breeze.

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