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Sweden is a land full of culture and diversity that has a lot to offer people of all ages. A lot of the area is very modern and stylish, with other areas being very traditional and in keeping with the history of Sweden. There is a lot to see in Sweden, with the surrounding forests and the thousands of lakes. Stockholm is a very popular city for people to visit as it is the capital of Sweden and has a lot to offer. There is a lot of interesting history in Sweden for you to explore, ranging back to Viking times. There are a lot of beaches in Sweden, which are all covered in soft sand and have activities for people of all ages. There are many hotels in Sweden, ranging in price and star rating. They are all rated on a 1 to 5-star basis and many have very good restaurants inside.

Sweden – Plenty To See And Do

Boat trips from Stockholm city centre are very popular as you get to travel around to nearby islands such as the Drottningholm Palace. There are hundred's of miles of coastline in Sweden meaning you can try plenty of activities, such as water-skiing, windsurfing, jet-skiing, swimming and sailing. There are plenty of other active sports away from the beach, such as skating, tobogganing, snowmobiling, ice climbing and dog sledding. Sweden has over 400 golf courses for you to choose from, with Björkliden Golf Course located north of the Arctic Circle, meaning it gets 24-hours of daylight during the summer months. Cycling is popular as it is a great way to see the country and there are many cycling routes to enjoy.

Sweden – Something For Everyone

Sweden has many restaurants for you to enjoy. Most of the meals are very straightforward and contain fresh ingredients. Seafood is a favourite in Sweden thanks to many of the freshwater lakes. It is usual to tip around 10% in restaurants and hotels. Stockholm is the best place to go for a night out, with many pubs, clubs, cafés, restaurants, cinemas and theatres to enjoy. There are many open-air venues in Stockholm where a number of musical and theatre productions take place. Shopping is good in Sweden, with many traditional markets and country fairs to visit. Glassware, crystal, ceramics, jewellery and clothing are all available in Sweden.

Sweden - Warm Summers, Warm Winters

Sweden has fairly warm summers, with July being the hottest month with temperatures of around 22°C. The winter months are very cold in Sweden, particularly January and February. Temperatures can be as low as -5°C. Rainfall is fairly low, however when it does rain, it rains more in summer than it does in winter. The north sees the snow in the colder months, however it still gets hot temperatures in the summer fur to the longer days.

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