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The resort of Novo Sancti Petri is perfectly suited to couples and families looking for a quiet and relaxing holiday away from the more usual resorts in Spain. The transfer time for this resort is around 55 minutes meaning you can take in all of the scenery that Spain has to offer on your way. You also have time to get an understanding of the location of Novo Sancti Petri so that you know where your going. The beach known as La Barrosa is 5 miles long and completely covered in fine, golden sands. There are sand dunes backing on to it and lifeguards are there during the day. There are around 13 hotels in the resort, most of which are rated at 4-stars. Many of them also have sea views.

Novo Sancti Petri - Plenty Of Sports To Keep You Occupied

Novo Sancti Petri is perfect for sports enthusiasts. You will fine a 36-hole golf course to enjoy as well as tennis and table tennis. Quad-biking and go-karting are all very popular with both adults and teenagers, as is cycling and rambling. Now if that isn't enough for you, then why not try some of the water sports available at the beach. These include sailing, scuba diving, snorkelling, windsurfing, surfing, canoeing and deep-sea fishing. There are also many boat trips on offer but the most popular has got to be whale-watching. If you'd prefer to stay off the water then try the Jeep-safari or go on a coach trip to see the vineyards.

Novo Sancti Petri - Plenty Of Places To Eat And Drink

You will find plenty of restaurants varying in price and quality. There are a wide range of cuisines available but the most popular food has to be seafood. There is a lot of pork as well as a lot of Italian food for you to enjoy as well. You will also find other cuisines such as Chinese, British and American. There are local bars in the area with music and DJ's. There are a few clubs but the locals tend to dominate them. Most entertainment can be found in hotels. There are three shopping centres in Novo Sancti Petri which offer clothing, jewellery, crafts and souvenirs. There is a frequent and reliable bus service taking you into other resorts as well as an open-top double decker bus that goes around. Metered taxis are also available.

Novo Sancti Petri - Brilliant Sunshine And Warm Temperatures All Year Round

The coldest temperature is in January and this is still around 17°C. The warmest temperatures come in August and are around 30°C. During the summer months, you will get 12 hours of sunshine a day along with warm water temperatures, meaning that water sports become very popular. There is a gently breeze sweeping across from the Atlantic making the heat comfortable and bearable. During the summer months, the evening temperatures are still around 15-20°C so if you can, it is advisable to get accommodation with air conditioning. During the evenings in winter, the temperature still rarely drops below 10°C meaning whatever time of year you come, you are likely to have a warm holiday. From late September to early October, you may find some rain but this does not last very long. There are still 7 hours of sunshine a day during the winter months meanings you still have a perfect climate to holiday in.

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