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Granada is perfect for anyone that enjoys learning about culture and history. Students find the resort very enjoyable as there is a lot of student nightlife. This are a lot of hotels in Granada that range from 2-5-star hotels. You will find all-inclusive options and all hotels have all of the facilities that you would want such as restaurants, bars and swimming pools. There is so much for you to see, with amazing scenery surrounding you of hills and forests. There are many historical scenes such as cathedrals and castles which keep you busy all day long.

Granada - Plenty Of Sightseeing For You To Try

Granada is a brilliant place to go if you enjoy sightseeing and learning about various cultures and the history of a place. The Palace of Charles V is a must-see attraction, as is the 16th-18th century cathedral. There are various monasteries and churches for you to see that have a lot of history behind them. There are plenty of excursions that you can try such as tours of ancient villages, cathedrals and castles. A popular excursion with many people is a trip to the beaches of the Costa del Sol and Almeria. Hiking and nature tours through the mountains are also good.

Granada - Brilliant Restaurants To Choose From

One of the main things to do of an evening in Granada is to visit one of the many restaurants. You will find Spanish, seafood, Chinese, Italian and British cuisines to choose from. A popular thing to do is go from one tapas bar to the next to experience all of the different snacks. There are plenty of cafés for you to try, as well as dining in the hotels which offer some upmarket dishes. There are lots of bars in Granada, as well as flamenco shows, nightclubs, discos, a theatre, jazz shows and music and dance festivals. There are plenty of shops with every product that you could think of available. There are designer clothes shops, clothing shops, craft stores, leather shops, jewellery shops and shoe and bag shops. There are local buses as well as local taxis, however if you are planning an excursion then you would be better off going on the train.

Granada - Warm Summers, Cool Winters

Between June and September, it is almost guaranteed that you will have sunshine every day. The daily high is around 30°C with the temperature dropping to between 8°C and 12°C in the evening. The winter still brings sun, however it is much cooler and can at times be overcast. Once the sun has set it can get considerably colder. From late September to early October, you will find the first signs of rain. The temperature can still be 20°C during the say, but in the evening the temperature will drop considerably.

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