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Poland is very popular among travellers thanks to its beauty, history and culture. The cities and the surrounding scenery have a lot to offer and are visited by many people every year. The beaches in Poland are extremely popular, with miles of golden sands and some of the biggest sand dunes in Europe. The beaches have a very cooling breeze along them which helps you keep cooler in the hot temperatures. Many of the beaches also have beach side restaurants for you to enjoy throughout the day. There are many international hotels in Poland, all graded from 1 to 5-stars.

Poland Plenty To See And Do

The theatre is very popular in Poland and many can be found in all of the major cities. Many local and national shows are shown in the theatres for both locals and tourists. There are many national parks in Poland, including Kampinos National Park and Bieszczady National Park, which are perfect for hiking. Not only will you see the nature and surroundings, but you may even get to see the wildlife. Horse riding is a good way of getting around Poland and seeing the sights and whether you are a horse-riding enthusiast or just a beginner, you be welcomed to try. Skiing can also be done in Poland in the winter months, especially in Tatras. Sailing and canoeing are also popular activities and can both be done under full instruction.

Poland Something For Everyone

Poland has a very distinctive cuisine, however so that everyone is catered for, the major cities also offer a lot of international cuisine. A tip of 10-15% is customary in hotels and restaurants, however it is not expected in self-service restaurants. When it comes to nightlife, the larger cities are the places to be. You will find theatre and dance companies, as well as cinemas and a number of dance clubs and bars that stay open until the last guest leaves. When it comes to shopping, there are many crafts, souvenirs and pieces of hand-made jewellery to be found.

Poland Cold Winters, Warm Summers

Winters in Poland are very cold, with temperatures as low as -6C. June to August is the best time to visit Poland with temperatures staying above 20C. Rainfall is spread throughout the whole year, however summer tends to be slightly wetter than winter. The cold winter temperatures make some areas perfect for skiing as snow is very common. Along the coast, temperatures will be slightly lower thanks to the sea breeze coming in.

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