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New Zealand is filled with breathtaking scenery that you will not find anywhere else. There are golden beaches, rainforests, mountains, volcanic pools, active volcanoes, rivers and lakes, all available to you, making up the scenery of the country. Families, couples and backpackers all come to New Zealand to see the sights and experience the culture and the friendliness of the locals. New Zealand is spread out over several small islands so some areas are quieter than others. The beaches in New Zealand are very popular, with many hidden coves and bays to explore. Many of the beaches are covered in golden sands, with warm, turquoise waters. The most famous beach in New Zealand is the 90 mile beach, which is actually 60 miles long. It is famous for huge sand dunes and its resemblance to the Sahara Desert. There are a number of top international hotels in New Zealand, offering self-catering and bed and breakfast board basis.

New Zealand Plenty To See And Do

New Zealand is home to many activities and is the world's prime destination for bungee jumping. Kawarau River Bridge, Skippers Bridge, the Pipeline and the Ledge are all popular bungee jumping points. Paragliding is also hugely popular. Beginners can try it in Queenstown, Wanaka. More experienced paragliders will be more comfortable in Christchurch. Zorbing is something that everyone should try. It involves being strapped into a large plastic ball and then rolled down a grassy hill or onto a river. High-speed jet boating is also popular on many of the rivers in New Zealand. Swimming, diving and windsurfing can all be done at the beaches and are particularly popular thanks to the warm waters. In the Bay of Islands, you can go and swim with dolphins which is an enjoyable experience for people of all ages. There are also a few national parks that you can walk through, taking in the nature and the wildlife.

New Zealand Something For Everyone

New Zealand is a leading producer of meat and dairy produce. As well as this, seafood is a speciality. There are many different dishes available, some familiar, some not so familiar which means that everyone is catered for. Waiter service is normal in most restaurants, however there are some self-serve and fast food restaurants available. Tips are not expected in New Zealand and service charges are not added to hotel or restaurant bills. The nightlife in New Zealand is varied, with theatres and concerts available in some cities and bars, pubs and nightclubs available in other cities. Shopping includes jewellery, clothing, beauty products, crafts and souvenirs.

New Zealand Mild Winters, Warm Summers

The warmest months in New Zealand are January and February with temperatures averaging at around 23C. The New Zealand Alps are covered with snow all year round and are therefore perfect for skiing. July is the coldest month, with temperatures around 8C. You will have between 10 and 12 hours of sunshine a day in January and February giving you plenty of time to try one or more of the many outdoor activities.

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