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A holiday in India is the perfect choice for any traveller interested in history and different cultures and has become increasingly popular in recent years. English is spoken in many areas of India, making it even more perfect for tourists. There are plenty of things to see and do and the beaches here make it a paradise for sun-worshippers. Many young families travel to India as well as backpackers looking for something different. Over 1 million tourists visit India every year and it has become well-known for its domestic tourists, which helps to keep the culture alive. There are over 65 miles of coastline in India, with golden sands and beautiful warm waters. When it comes to hotels in India, you will find everything from high class hotels, to rooms in private houses. You will find a variety of packages, from bed and breakfast, to half-board, to all-inclusive.

India A Beach Lovers Paradise

Thanks to its stunning coastline, sun-worshippers have fallen in love with the resort of Goa. The beaches are set in stunning scenery and swimming and relaxing are all everyday activities. Many water sports are available at the beaches all over India, including sailing, windsurfing, surfing, snorkelling, scuba diving, parasailing, canoeing and going on banana boats. Back on dry land, horse-riding and cycling are available and are great ways to get around India and see the various resorts. You will also find golf in some areas. There are a number of wildlife sanctuaries in Goa to enjoy. Here you will find animals such as crocodiles, birds, monkeys and snakes. Many of the sanctuaries will also give you the chance to ride an elephant. There is plenty of sightseeing to be done in India, with a number of old buildings and museums to be explored.

India Brilliant Restaurants With A Number Of Cuisines

India has some fantastic restaurants and as it has so much coastline, you are guaranteed to be able to enjoy fresh fish. A number of curries are also available for you to enjoy, as well as Italian foods such as pizza and Chinese foods such as noodles. You may find in some of the higher class restaurants that reservations will have to be made. India has a range of nightlife available, with all bars in Goa having live music or DJ's performing every evening and a number of nightclubs staying open well into the night. Mostly, evening entertainment is fairly low-key and many enjoy to just sit and relax at one of the many open-air restaurants. Occasionally, you will also find a few beach parties. There are a number of markets in India where you will find traditional jewellery and souvenirs. Leather goods, clothing and other handmade crafts can also be found here. A number of markets can also be found here. Taxis are available throughout India and many are reasonably priced. Buses are also very cheap and efficient, making them a great mode of transport.

India A Brilliant Tropical Climate

India has some brilliant sunny weather with warm temperatures all year round. The monsoon season however changes conditions in India and can last for up to four months. November to March is the best time to visit India for its brilliant temperatures that range between 21-31C. April and May are very humid months and somewhat cloudy as they lead up to monsoon season. Temperatures are even higher at this time, at around 35C. June to September is monsoon season when the rainfall can be seen and cooler temperatures creep in. once the rain has stopped, clear skies can be seen again and within a few hours, you would never of known that it had rained. Coastal breezes keep the levels of humidity low and make the heat comfortable to lie in. During the summer months, you will find around 10 hours of sunshine a day, however during monsoon season, this will decrease to between 3 and 5 hours a day.

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