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People of all ages and nationalities will enjoy the resort of Naxos and it is perfect for people on a budget or looking for a middle market holiday. Transfer time is around 1 to 1 and a half hours, giving you plenty of time to look around at the surrounding scenery that Naxos has to offer. It also gives you the perfect opportunity to gain an understanding of the location of your resort and the location of your accommodation within the resort. The west coast of Naxos has the best beaches however all are long and narrow, covered in fine, pale sand leading down to the waters edge. The beaches can get very crowded and sunbeds and parasols are all available. Most of the accommodation consists of hotels and apartments. You will find most of them are 2-4-stars and offer self-catering, half-board and all-inclusive.

Naxos - Plenty Of Beach Activities Available

Naxos has plenty of beach activities for you to enjoy as well as a number of places for you to sightseeing. The island is very scenic and therefore there is plenty for you to go and see. The beach activities include relaxing or taking a boat trip to a neighbouring island. If you prefer to stay away from the beach, then why not try sightseeing on the island, going to all of the different resorts, seeing culture and history. There is an archaeological museum for you to enjoy as well as dozens of churches. A perfect activity is to try the horse-drawn carriage that goes along the seafront in Naxos Town. This is a great way to get around as well as a good way to take in the sights around you. There are also a number of excursions for you to enjoy such as various island tours taking you around the island itself or onto neighbouring islands such as Mykonos and Santorini.

Naxos - Plenty Of Restaurants And Cuisines Available

Naxos has plenty of restaurants for you to enjoy mainly offering traditional Greek cuisine. Seafood is also a favourite, however if you prefer something different then why not try the Italian restaurants in Naxos Town or the fast food places offering kebabs, burgers, pizzas and chips. The liveliest nightlife can be found in Naxos Town with bars, taverns, and a few discos open until the early hours. There are a number of beach side bars for you to enjoy. You will find souvenir shops, clothing, jewellery and crafts on the island of Naxos, particularly in Naxos Town. There is a bus service that runs over the whole island as well as taxis taking you where ever you need to go.

Naxos - Long Hot Mediterranean Summers

Naxos enjoys a Mediterranean climate of very long and hot summers. July and August are the hottest months in the resort with an average temperature of 25°C although this commonly rises to highs of well over 30°C. May is the official start to the summer with temperatures at 21°C which quickly rises to 25°C by June. There is normally no rainfall over July and August and the evenings remain hot at highs of 22°C. July and August see 12 hours of sunshine a day which drops to around 5 hours a day in the winter. Spring and Autumn are pleasant times to come if you are not keen on very hot weather, with temperatures mostly ranging between 16-20°C. Winters tend to be mild in Naxos with temperatures staying at around 10°C. Between October and May you can expect to see some rainfall but not to the extent that we are used to. December if the wettest month in Naxos however it still tends to remain fairly warm.

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