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Lourdas is a low key resort, however it does have its lively aspects. Families, couples and singles of all ages enjoy the resort, although people with mobility difficulties may not find the resort to good as it is quite a hilly location. The transfer time for this resort varies depending on how you are travelling and where in the resort you are staying. It can be anything from 30 minutes to over an hour giving you enough time to look at surrounding scenery and gain a slight understanding of the location of the resort and the location of your accommodation within the resort. The beach in Lourdas is 3 miles long and covered in fine pale sand. It does get busy in the peak periods but you still have sunbeds and parasols available to hire. There are both self-catering apartments and hotels offering half-board and all-inclusive in Lourdas. All accommodation generally ranges from 2-4-stars.

Lourdas - Spend Your Time Relaxing At The Beach

Lourdas has three miles of beach for you to enjoy meaning there is plenty of space to lie back and relax. At the beach, you can try a variety of water sports including surfing, windsurfing, scuba diving, snorkelling, jet-skiing, water-skiing, paragliding, sailing, hiring out pedalloes and swimming. Swimming is safe for children however they should be accompanied at all times. Exploring the resort and the island by car has also proved popular. There are a number of local excursions to go on such as touring the southern villages including St George's Castle and the winery, having a full island tour looking at the Drogarati Cave or taking boat or coach trips to other resorts and islands such as Ithaca, Zante or a tour of the museum of Olympia.

Lourdas Has Three Miles Of Beach For You To Enjoy Meaning There Is Plenty Of Space To Lie Back And Relax. At The Beach, You Can Try A Variety Of Water

Lourdas has a number of taverns to choose from offering mainly traditional Greek cuisine and a lot of seafood. Some of the hotels offer more international options for those who want something more familiar. There are a few bars on offer in Lourdas although most of the nightlife can be found in the beachfront taverns. Shopping in the resort is fairly basic with a few souvenir shops and mini markets on offer. If you want a real shopping session, then head to Argostoli. Public transport in the resort is fairly good with a daily bus service going into other resorts. Care and motorbike hire is available and there is a taxi rank in the centre of the resort.

Lourdas - A Typically Mediterranean Climate

Lourdas has brilliant weather with over 300 days of sunshine per year. Summers in Lourdas are long and hot with winters being cool and wet. The average annual temperature is around 17.5°C however temperatures have been known to rise to 27°C and above. In April, the average temperature is around 15°C but rises to 20°C in May. April and May have around 8 hours of sunshine a day, with this rising to 12 in July and August. October and September still see temperatures of around 17-23°C and 6-8-hours of sunshine a day. November to February, temperatures drop and you will see more rainfall.

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