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Katelios is a resort that is aimed at upmarket and middle market families. Many singles and families enjoy the resort for its natural look with walking and bird-watching. It is also a brilliant relaxation resort for people who go away to relax and sunbathe. Some areas in the resort can be quite steep and the resort is a lot quieter than some others. The transfer time to Katelios can be anything from 50 minutes to an hour and a half depending on where you are staying and how you are getting there. Either way, you have plenty of time to look around at the surrounding scenery as well as gain an understanding of the location of the resort and the location of your accommodation within the resort. The beach in Katelios is long and narrow, covered in golden sands leading down to the waters edge. Sunbeds and parasols are available to hire but unfortunately there are not water sports available. Accommodation in Katelios is good, with a number of self-catering apartments, studios and hotels available. All accommodation has all of the facilities that you would expect, with self-catering apartments being the most popular choice among most people.

Katelios - Perfect Resort For Lazing Around On The Beach

Katelios is a very quiet resort that is perfect for people who want to spend their days relaxing on a beach in the sunshine. Bird-watching and walking around taking in the beautiful scenery are also popular among many people. The resort is very tranquil, scenic and relaxing, making it perfect for people who really do go away to get away from everything and just spend their time in the sun. There are also some very popular night-time turtle watches organised at the nearby beaches of Kaminia and Potamakia. A number of local excursions are available to you such as visiting the small village of Markopoulo which is well known for its phenomenon involving snakes which also coincides with many festivities that occur. There are also many local areas to visit that have various places of interest on offer.

Katelios - A Number Of Small Taverns Available

Katelios is home to a number of small taverns that offer some brilliant traditional, local, Greek cuisine. As well as this, there are many seafood restaurants and seafood is a very popular dish in many of the Greek restaurants. Nightlife in the resort is quiet compared to other resorts, however there are a small selection of local bars where you can drink the traditional ouzo among other things. Many of the taverns are home to Greek nights with live music and dancing which provide good entertainment for both the tourists and the locals. If you wanted something more lively then you would have to head to Skala for the discos. Shopping in the resort is based around mini markets and souvenir shops. For more options, again, head to Skala or Argostoli. There is a daily bus service that will take you into Argostoli, however car and motorbike hire are also available to you.

Katelios - A Typically Mediterranean Climate

Katelios has brilliant weather with over 300 days of sunshine per year. Summers in Katelios are long and hot with winters being cool and wet. The average annual temperature is around 17.5°C however temperatures have been known to rise to 27°C and above. In April, the average temperature is around 15°C but rises to 20°C in May. April and May have around 8 hours of sunshine a day, with this rising to 12 in July and August. October and September still see temperatures of around 17-23°C and 6-8-hours of sunshine a day. November to February, temperatures drop and you will see more rainfall.

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