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Kanoni is a resort that caters to mature couples rather than families with young children. Kanoni is seen as a good alternative to a beach-based holiday. The transfer time can be anything from 30-50 minutes depending on where in the resort you are staying. This gives you plenty of time to look around at the surrounding scenery and possibly get a slight understanding of the location of the resort and your accommodation. The nearest beach to the resort is actually at one of the deluxe hotels in the resort. Both the public and guests at the hotel can use the beach and there are a number of sunbeds and parasols available for hire. There are many hotels in Kanoni, with quite a few offering deluxe accommodation. Most of the hotels are 3-5-stars and offer half-board or all-inclusive.

Kanoni - Plenty Of Sightseeing To Be Done

There is a lot of sightseeing to do both in and around Kanoni. A popular thing to do is to go and explore Corfu Town and the local area around it. There are historical buildings here as well as a high level of rich culture. A popular place that many people choose to see is the Byzantine church of Saint Jason and Sosipater. As well as this, there is the 5th-century Basilica and the ancient Temple of Artemis. There are a few excursions for you to enjoy such as a trip by Caique to Mouse Island. The best excursion however is definitely to Corfu Town where you will be able to do a lot of shopping and sightseeing.

Kanoni - A Few Restaurants To Choose From

Kanoni is home to a few restaurants mainly offering traditional Greek cuisine, however if you want more of a choice then eating in the hotels or heading to Corfu Town would be your best option. Most of the nightlife in the resort resolves around the hotels where entertainment programmes are put on for you. As well as this, you can also head to Corfu Town where there are a number of bars for you to enjoy. There are a few supermarkets in the resort and a few souvenir shops, however again, if you would like more options then head to Corfu Town. Public transport is limited but reliable with a regular half hourly bus taking you into Corfu Town.

Kanoni - Constant Sunshine On The Island

There are around 300 days of sunshine in the resorts of Kanoni. Summer temperatures have been known to reach above 30°C, with the hottest month being July, closely followed by August. You will see around 13 hours of sunshine a day at peak times, with the temperatures remaining at a comfortable level thanks to the coastal breeze. December and January are colder, however temperatures are still at around 12-15°C. Rain only occurs in the winter months from November onwards. The summers in Kanoni are long, hot and dry, with September and October still seeing temperatures of around 25°C. The sea temperatures are quite warm in the summer but will cool down at night.

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