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Alonissos is very much a resort that caters to nature lovers and mature couples that are looking for a relaxing break together. There is a limited nightlife in the resort so young singles looking for late nights wouldn't enjoy the resort as much. The transfer time for this resort from Skiathos is around 1 hour meaning you have plenty of time to look at surrounding scenery as well as gain an understanding of the location of the resort and the location of your accommodation within the resort. There are plenty of beaches on the island of Alonissos covered with golden sands leading down to the waters edge. There are self-catering apartments and 4-5-star all-inclusive hotels available on the island that have all of the facilities that you will need.

Alonissos - Plenty Of Beach Activities To Enjoy

Alonissos holidays enable you to laze about on the beach or go for a swim and snorkel in the crystal clear water. Diving is a popular activity in Alonissos and both beginners and experts can try it. There is a diving school where you can hire the equipment as well as take lessons. The underwater sights are amazing, with ancient shipwrecks that back to 5th century B.C. There is also a lot of marine life for you to see. There is also a marine park in Alonissos where you will find beautiful scenery to explore. You will find Monk Seals and dolphins in the park which is a perfect way to spend a day. There are plenty of boat excursions taking you to other islands of Skiathos, Skopelos and Skyros. A day trip to Athens also comes highly recommended for sightseeing and numerous bars and restaurants.

Alonissos - A Collection Of Restaurants To Choose From

Alonissos has a number of restaurants to choose from with a number of cuisines. There is a lot of seafood available in most places and many restaurants and bars offer Ouzo, the local drink. You will also find a number of international dishes such as Italian, Chinese and British. There are a few bars in Alonissos with some offering cocktails. There is one nightclub and this tends to only open in the summer months. You will find supermarkets, a bakery, swim wear, clothing, and souvenirs in Alonissos and well as jewellery and a few crafts. English newspapers and magazines can be found at the harbour. Public transport in the resort is good with a regular bus service that takes you around Alonissos. Taxis can be found by the harbour and water taxis can be found there as well.

Alonissos - Constant Sunshine On The Island

There are around 300 days of sunshine on the island of Alonissos. Summer temperatures have been known to reach above 30°C, with the hottest month being July, closely followed by August. You will see around 13 hours of sunshine a day at peak times, with the temperatures remaining at a comfortable level thanks to the coastal breeze. December and January are colder, however temperatures are still at around 12-15°C. Rain only occurs in the winter months from November onwards. The summers in Alonissos are long, hot and dry, with September and October still seeing temperatures of around 25°C. The sea temperatures are quite warm in the summer but will cool down at night.

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