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Afitos is a relaxing resort appealing to families and couples who go on holiday to spend quality time together in an attractive beach resort. The resort is only one hour and 15 minutes from Thessalonica airport meaning you have plenty of time to look around at surrounding scenery as well as gain an understanding of the location of the resort and the location of your accommodation within the resort. The beach in Afitos is attractive, covered in fine white sand leading down to the waters edge. It is also in a very attractive setting and there are sunbeds and parasols for you to use. The beaches in Afitos are all located in secluded spots making them perfect for a quiet days sunbathing. Accommodation in Afitos is also good with a number of self-catering apartments and small hotels. All accommodation ranges from 2-4-star and the hotels offer room only, half-board and all-inclusive.

Afitos - A Number Of Activities For You To Enjoy

Afitos is a small resort so activities are fairly limited, however there is still plenty for you to enjoy. Obviously swimming is a very popular activity, both in the pools at the hotels or down at the beach. There are also a number of boat cruises for you to enjoy that will take you to other neighbouring islands or to other resorts along the coast of mainland Greece. There are also a number of historical sites that will appeal to archaeologists and people interested in learning about the history of Greece. Some of the sites date back to the Ancient Greek and Roman eras so there is plenty to see and learn. Excursions to Mount Athos and Thessalonica are popular as they are very different areas to Afitos. There are also plenty of other excursions to enjoy such as a visit to Waterland, visiting the Petralona Caves or even going on diving trips.

Afitos - Plenty Of Cuisines To Choose From

Afitos is home to a number of restaurants with a number of cuisines available. The favourite is obviously traditional Greek cuisine, although there is also a lot of seafood available. There are also a few other cuisines available such as Italian, Chinese and British. The nightlife is very tame in Afitos compared to other resorts. There are a number of cafés, bars and discos for people to enjoy, however these are not pen all night. You will find karaoke and live music in some places to keep you entertained. If you prefer a livelier evening then head to Kalithea where you will find much more on offer. Shopping in the resort is quite good with souvenirs, crafts and a number of fashion boutiques available. Public transport in the resort is good with buses and taxis taking you to other resorts and around the resort. Car and bike hire are also available.

Afitos - A Typically Mediterranean Climate

Afitos has brilliant weather with over 300 days of sunshine per year. Summers in Afitos are long and hot with winters being cool and wet. The average annual temperature is around 17.5°C however temperatures have been known to rise to 27°C and above. In April, the average temperature is around 15°C but rises to 20°C in May. April and May have around 8 hours of sunshine a day, with this rising to 12 in July and August. October and September still see temperatures of around 17-23°C and 6-8-hours of sunshine a day. November to February, temperatures drop and you will see more rainfall. As Afitos is located in the north of Greece, you will find that it is cooler than those in the south with temperatures dropping between 0 and 5°C.

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