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Berlin offers something to everyone, however it is mostly popular with young people and couples. The transfer time for this resort would be very small as you would fly into Berlin airport. You will find a lot of hotels in Berlin ranging from budget prices to expensive 5-star options. The newest hotels are generally 4-5-stars and offer everything you will need during your stay. Berlin has gone through a major transformation with many new buildings adding some luxury to the area. Berlin is a popular destination for people to visit all year-round, especially if they are just looking for a short getaway break.

Berlin - Plenty Of Exploring To Keep You Occupied Throughout The Day

Berlin is home to some brilliant sights. The buildings have so much history behind them an are very picturesque in themselves to look at. If you enjoy learning about history and culture then why not head to one of the many museums, including an Egyptian and Jewish ones. There are also many castles and churches for you to enjoy which have some brilliant scenery inside them. The Olympia stadium is very attractive and is full of history on its own. There are plenty of other things to do, such as have days in the park in the sunshine or visit the aquarium which is popular with people of all ages. There are also plenty of swimming pools for you to try, sailing and even ice-skating. Festivals and carnivals usually happen throughout the year and are very popular to see. There are also plenty of excursions for you to go on and enjoy, such as boat trips along the river, sightseeing tours and memorials and museums on the site of a former concentration camp.

Berlin - A Wide Variety Of Cuisines Available To You

Berlin has some fantastic restaurants with some fantastic cuisines on offer to you. You will find German, Italian, French, Turkish, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Jewish and Russian cuisines in Berlin restaurants. There are some upmarket restaurants should you feel the need to spoil yourself, or there are fast food restaurants such as McDonald's. The nightlife of Berlin is busy and lively. There are bars, clubs, beer gardens, cafés, theatres, shows, cinemas, concerts, opera shows and even some upmarket nightclubs. One thing that makes Berlin popular with many young people is that there are no official closing times in the bars, meaning that many bars stay open around the clock. Shopping is quite popular in Berlin, with many department stores, fashion stores and leather stores. There are plenty of clothes and shoes to buy, some designer, some not. Public transport in Berlin is good with a good underground service, taxi service and bus service. All are frequent and reliable, with taxis running 24 hours a day.

Berlin - Warm Summers, Cold Winters

On average, July is the warmest month in Berlin with temperatures reaching 26°C. December to February is the coldest time with temperatures ranging between -3°C to 3°C. Although it may be the warmest month, July also actually sees the most rainfall. The summer months actually have the most rainfall overall, although November and December have the most days of rain, with March having the lowest amount of rainfall in the year. May, June and July give you around 8 hours of sunshine each a day. December has an average of one hour of sunlight a day. It can get humid in the summer although it is not too uncomfortable.

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