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Naama Bay is located in the central resort area of Sharm el Sheikh on the southern tip of Egypt‘s Sinai Peninsula. Naama Bay comprises a stylish collection of hotels, with an attractive pedestrian promenade along the sandy beach front. In Naama Bay there are shops, restaurants, small hotels and a wide choice of dive centres. Naama Bay Holidays are ideal for couples and family groups, and the main draw is scuba diving or snorkelling to see the outstanding coral and tropical fish found under the sparkling waters of the Red Sea. Naama Bay is about 10km from Sharm El Sheikh (SSH) International Airport.

Holidays To Naama Bay - Heart Of Sharm El Sheikh

Originally Sharm el Sheikh was an small fishing village, but since the 1980s has become a major diving centre. The now well-developed beach resort stretches over a long strip of Egypt’s Mediterranean coast. Naama Bay is at the heart of this 40km run of sandy bays and well-appointed beach resorts. Based at Naama Bay you can expect some of the most impressive and diverse dive sites in the world. There are many wrecks along this stretch of the Red Sea, and from Naama Bay the excellent Ras Mohammed Marine Park is within easy reach. Boat dives are popular, and many beaches in the Sharm vicinity have dive jetties for easy access to the submerged marine life. There are no shortage of dive schools in the Naama Bay area. For nightlife, Naama Bay has many bars and the larger hotels often host Egyptian themed nights featuring local folk music and belly dancing.

Naama Bay - Egypt’s World-famous Sites On The Doorstep

Using Naama Bay as your base you can enjoy any number of Egypt’s awesome historic sites. Many of the Naama Bay hotels organise trips to the great cities of Cairo, Luxor, Alexandria and the ancient capital of Memphis. The Valley of the Kings is a major visitor hotspot in the north, while the lesser-known twin Temples of Abu Simbel in southern Egypt are also fascinating attractions. Other memorable holiday activities in Egypt include the classic Nile River Cruise, Camel Trekking and excursions into the wilds of the Sinai Desert.

Naama Bay - When Is The Weather At Its Best?

The weather in Naama Bay rises from 24C in January to 41C in July Going down to 26C in December.

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