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El Gouna is appealing to those who are looking for a peaceful and relaxing holiday. Families and couples are more at home in the resort as there are also sights for them to see and activities for them to try. From Hurghada airport, the transfer time to El Gouna is around 35-40 minutes. This gives you just enough time to look around at surrounding scenery, gain an understanding of the location of the resort and gain an understanding of the location of your accommodation within the resort. The beaches are man made, however they are picturesque and are good for sunbathing. You will find a lot of hotels in El Gouna with most at beachfront locations. Most of the accommodation is 3-5-star and all of them have many facilities and services for you to use.

El Gouna - Plenty Of Water Sports To Keep You Entertained

El Gouna is home to some brilliant water sports such as scuba diving, snorkelling, water-skiing, jet-skiing, surfing and windsurfing. Relaxing by the pool or the sea is a popular activity with many people as that is the reason that they go away. Many of the hotels will also put on activity programmes to keep people entertained during the day. Some even offer camel and horse-riding as well as go-karting. Many of the hotels will also have separate kids programmes to keep them occupied. There are many boat trips that you can go on as well as trips to the desert and the oasis. Quad-bike safaris are very popular as well as trips to Luxor and Cairo. Kite surfing has been known to be quite popular.

El Gouna - Brilliant Cuisines Available In The Resort

All of the hotels in El Gouna come complete with their own restaurants which offer some quality cuisines. There are also a growing number of restaurants outside the hotels where you will find Chinese, British, Japanese, Italian and Egyptian cuisines among others. Most of the hotels in El Gouna put on evening entertainment programmes which include shows such as belly dancing or discos. There are also a number of bars in the resort to keep you occupied. There are only a few shops in El Gouna offering souvenirs and clothing. If you want more of a choice then head to Hurghada. Public transport in El Gouna is regular and reliable with a shuttle bus running around the area from early morning until late at night. Other buses and taxis are also available to take you in and around the resort.

El Gouna - Brilliant Summer Temperatures

El Gouna benefits from daily warm weather as it is located in the east. During the summer, temperatures can be as high as 43°C during the day and drop to 7°C at night. The average minimum temperature in the winter is 14°C and in the summer it is 30°C although it can reach a lot higher than this. There is little rainfall in the resort and when it does rain it normally clears up very quickly. June, July and August are the warmest months in El Gouna with December being the coldest. However, December still occasionally gets a high of 20.5°C.

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