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Cairo is a resort that people who enjoy history will like. Many families also enjoy the resort. Cairo is Egypt's largest city and is also the capital. There are many hotels in Cairo and many traditions carried out to make you aware of the history and culture of the destination. There are many large chains of hotels that are aimed mainly at tourists. The hotels are mainly 2-4-stars so you can choose to stay in luxury or on a budget. All hotels are safe with security and all have the facilities and services that you would expect them to have. The resort itself is a 45 minute journey from Cairo airport giving you plenty of time to look around at the surrounding scenery as well as getting an understanding for the location of your accommodation within the resort.

Cairo - Plenty Of Sights For You To See

Cairo is home to some brilliant museums, however it is essential that you have an English speaking tour guide or an English guide book so you can understand everything that you are seeing. There is the Egyptian Museum which includes a hall of Mummies as well as the Islamic Arts Museum. A great way to get some brilliant views of Cairo is to go up the Cairo Tower, which stands at 590 feet. The Pharaonic village is popular as well as the recreation of life in ancient Egypt. Trips down the River Nile are also good, especially in a felucca. If you prefer more active activities then why not try mini-golf, tennis, swimming, visiting the health clubs or even horse-riding at the Pyramids. There are also many excursions that you can go on such as visiting the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx at Giza or go on a camel ride.

Cairo - Range Of Restaurants To Choose From

There are a wide range of restaurants in Cairo with a wide variety of cuisines available. You will find Lebanese, Moroccan, French, Italian, Indian, Japanese and Chinese. Obviously, there is also a lot of traditional Egyptian food available. Dinner cruises along the Nile have proved to be very popular. There is plenty to do in the evening with discos, bars, casinos, exotic sows, live bands, belly dancers, theatre shows, dances, concerts and clubs to choose from. Most of the clubs are open until at least 3am as many people like to go out late and stay out late. The underground Metro service is a good way of getting around as are taxis. It is important to agree a fare with the cab driver before you agree to the tourney. Trains are also available as are buses.

Cairo - Brilliant Summer Temperatures

Cairo benefits from daily warm weather. During the summer, temperatures can be as high as 43°C during the day and drop to 7°C at night. The average minimum temperature in the winter is 14°C and in the summer it is 30°C although it can reach a lot higher than this. There is little rainfall in the resort and when it does rain it normally clears up very quickly. June, July and August are the warmest months in Cairo with December being the coldest. However, December still occasionally gets a high of 20.5°C.

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