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Aswan is a resort that caters to people who look for a base to which they can return from all of the activities and excursions that they want to take part in. From Aswan airport, the transfer time is roughly 20 minutes. This gives you just enough time to look at some of the scenery that Egypt has to offer. There is no beach in Aswan, however the famous River Nile is there. However, under no circumstances should anyone get in or even put their finger in the water. There are many hotels in Aswan mainly ranging between 2 and 4-stars.

Aswan - So Much Sightseeing Around The Resort

Egypt has always been a brilliant place to learn about history and culture from the various sights that you see and Aswan is no exception. There is a local temple and various tombs that you can visit. A popular activity with many people is the Nile cruises. River rides on a felucca are popular with couples, especially at night. The Nubian museum holds a lot of artefacts and allows you to see the history and culture of Egypt. There are also many traditional events that enable you to learn about today's culture of Egypt. Sunbathing around the hotels is popular among those who wish to relax and there are also plenty of music and dancing activities to celebrate Egyptian culture. As well as this, there are also plenty of excursions to go on. These included looking at the sights of other resorts, temples, tombs or even going on some boat trips.

Aswan - Best Options In Hotels

The best restaurants in Aswan can be found in the hotels. Many people go half-board so choose to mainly eat in the hotels. There are a few riverfront cafés and small restaurants on offer if you do fancy a change from the hotel. Nightlife in Aswan is fairly quiet with a few bars located in hotels and a handful of bars in the town. Most tourists tend to prefer the bars in the hotels. Souvenirs, jewellery and supermarkets can all be found in Aswan. There are plenty of taxis in Aswan and most people tend to use these, however make sure that you arrange the fare before starting the journey. Horse-drawn carriages and boats are popular ways of getting around, as well as trains that take you to Luxor and Cairo.

Aswan - Brilliant Summer Temperatures

Aswan benefits from daily warm weather as it is located in the south east. During the summer, temperatures can be as high as 43°C during the day and drop to 7°C at night. The average minimum temperature in the winter is 14°C and in the summer it is 30°C although it can reach a lot higher than this. There is little rainfall in the resort and when it does rain it normally clears up very quickly. June, July and August are the warmest months in Aswan with December being the coldest. However, December still occasionally gets a high of 20.5°C.

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