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Trinidad and Tobago offer brilliant holidays with brilliant weather and activities. They are the most southern of the Caribbean Islands and only a four and a half hour flight from the popular New York. Many couples choose Tobago and Trinidad although you may find families there as well, enjoying the culture and surroundings. The transfer time will obviously vary depending on where on the island you are staying, however no transfers are too long. The beaches on the island are completely unspoilt and some of the best in the south of the Caribbean. There are beautiful golden sands and warm, turquoise waters to enjoy and brilliant countryside surrounding them. The majority of the accommodation in Trinidad and Tobago offers all-inclusive options, with a number of hotels and villas. Many of the villas are in secluded spots, making them perfect for families and a number of resorts are quickly becoming known for their all-inclusive status. The majority of accommodation ranges between 3-5-stars and are all clean and easily accessible.

Trinidad And Tobago - Plenty Of Activities For You To Try

As with many of the Caribbean islands, water sports are popular and the most popular on the island of Trinidad and Tobago are snorkelling and scuba diving. The sights in the water are amazing, with a wide range of marine life and almost every species of coral known to man. One of the best parts about diving is swimming with the sea turtles and seeing the various different colours in the water. During the summer months you will see many turtles laying their eggs on Turtle Beach which is something that should not be missed by anyone. There are over 200 species of bird here, making the island perfect for birdwatching. Tobago holds fantastic festivals all year round, with hundreds of colours, varieties of music, brilliant outfits and lively dances. Mountain biking is another popular activity, and a brilliant way to travel around the island. You can cycle along the coast of up through the jungle where you will see many sights including waterfalls and lagoons.

Trinidad And Tobago - A Range Of Cuisines To Choose From

Trinidad and Tobago pride themselves on their food which is one of the very reasons why you will never go hungry here. There are a number of different cuisines including Caribbean, Indian, Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and Thai. A few unusual cuisines can also be found such as bake and shark and wild meat. The nightlife can be found in hotels, with entertainment shows or in the restaurants. Shopping is limited and will mainly consist of food and souvenirs, although you will find clothing in some areas as well. Taxis can be found on the island and generally offer reasonable fares. Travellers cheques and credit cards are all accepted in Trinidad and Tobago to make your stay that much easier.

Trinidad And Tobago - Brilliant Sunny Weather All Year Round

Trinidad and Tobago has a very sunny climate and the average daily temperature is around 28°C. From January to May, the island is very dry, however from June to December, you will find a higher chance of rain. The mornings are still usually very sunny, however afternoons and sometimes evenings become wet. It is not constantly wet however, with some days being filled with pure sunshine. From December to May you will find around 9 hours of sunshine a day. Evenings are usually comfortable all year round, with pleasant breezes and the possibility of light rain. Humidity is relatively low here and the fine weather is what attracts hundreds of visitors every year. The winter months here make a great change from the winter months back home.

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