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St Lucia appeals to many different people in different ways. It is very popular among British visitors as it is a very warm and welcoming place offering relaxation spots as well as a lot of history and culture in the old villages. Couples enjoy St Lucia and many weddings and honeymoons have taken place here. Groups of friends looking for a relaxing holiday will also enjoy St Lucia. The beaches offer complete paradise, with soft white sands and turquoise waters. St Lucia is fairly small, however it is luxurious and offers brilliant all-inclusive holidays, meaning you do not have to walk around with a lot of money on you so you can truly relax. The beaches are surrounded by rainforest and a variety of wildlife. Much of the accommodation in St Lucia is all-inclusive and is mainly made up of hotels. The hotels are mainly 3-5-star and offer you everything that you could possibly want from your accommodation.

St Lucia - Plenty To See And Do On The Island

St Lucia is a brilliant place for water sports. You will find sailing and fishing here as well as the ever popular snorkelling and scuba diving. All of the equipment is available to hire when diving and you can receive full tuition if you feel that you need it. When diving or snorkelling, you will find a variety of tropical fish as well as colourful reefs and several ship wrecks. The rainforest in St Lucia is a must-see with plenty of nature trails for you to follow. Tropical flowers, trees and birds are all welcomed sights and many hikes are available in the Rainforest Reserve. Walking and cycling are popular in St Lucia and there are many sights for you to go and see. Horse-riding is a brilliant way to see various sights and take in views. You can go along deserted beaches or high up in the mountains. Whale and turtle watching has become very popular over the years and St Lucia has now been described as one of the best islands for whale watching. Dolphins are also seen at times. Jeep safaris are available and enable you to go up the mountains and take in the views.

St Lucia - Range Of Cuisines On Offer

Many of the hotels have a range of cuisines on offer to cater to everyone staying on an all-inclusive basis. Many Caribbean cuisines are available as well as Italian and other European dishes. Many people enjoy drinks at their hotels as part of the all-inclusive stay, however there are a few restaurants and bars around that will also cater to your needs. The nightlife here is fairly quiet with hotels, bars and restaurants offering the most entertainment. When shopping you will find souvenirs and clothing mainly although there is also a market for you to enjoy. When it comes to tipping, it is not customary to tip a taxi, however if a service charge has not been added to a bill at a restaurant then it is normal to tip around 10-15%. Taxis are reliable in St Lucia and fares tend to be quite reasonable.

St Lucia - Idyllic Year Round Weather

St Lucia offers brilliantly hot sunshine all year round. The average annual temperature is 30°C, offering ideal sunbathing weather and warm seas. There are constant cooling sea breezes, meaning the humidity is kept at a low. January is the coldest month in St Lucia, however the temperature is still around 25°C. From June to August you will see the hottest temperatures and 8 hours of sunshine a day. When it does rain, it quickly clears up and within a few hours you would never know that it had rained. The warm seas are perfect for relaxing in or diving and the cool breeze at the beach keeps you comfortable. Air conditioning is available in many of the hotels and is highly recommended.

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