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Antigua is one of the most popular Caribbean islands that attract thousands of tourists every year. The resort appeals to many couples as it very relaxing and located in a beautiful setting. Families also enjoy the island, however most tourists are couples as Antigua is one of the most popular destinations for weddings and honeymoons. The transfer times vary depending on where you are staying on the island, however no transfers are too long. The beaches in Antigua are amazing and the white sands and turquoise waters give it a picturesque setting. Antigua is a large island and there are 365 beaches for you to explore. All of the beaches here are open to the public and many people have been known to have their weddings take place on the beaches. It is easy to find a beach that is not very crowded as there are so many to choose from. Palm trees come up from the sands and the turquoise waters are warm, making them perfect for swimming in and doing water sports. Antigua has one of the worlds most romantic settings and it as a must to sit on a beach and watch the sunset. Accommodation in Antigua is generally luxurious with a number of apartments and hotels for you to choose from. Most hotels range between 3-5-stars and will make your stay in Antigua even more enjoyable.

Antigua - Plenty For You To See And Do

Antigua is an island that is well known for its beaches and you will find some perfect for families and others perfect for couples. At the beaches is where you will find the water sports such as windsurfing, parasailing, kite-boarding, surfing, scuba diving, snorkelling, sailing and deep-sea fishing. All of the sports can be offered with professional training and all of the equipment is available to hire should you need it. Snorkelling and scuba diving are very popular in Antigua as you can see the beautiful tropical fish, the amazing reefs, ship wrecks and a range of caves. The turquoise warm waters make it even easier to see everything. There are also a number of boat trips for you to enjoy including a number of glass-bottomed boat trips. Luxury cruises and picnics to secluded beaches are popular, especially among couples. Anumber of beach barbecues are held in Antigua and you will find many things on offer such as lobsters, curry and suckling pig. Beers and Antigua's famous rum punch are also available. Steel bands are a regular sight in Antigua, as well as beach bands. Reggae is regularly played as well as many other trends in Caribbean music. There is so much nature and wildlife for you to see in Antigua and the best way to see this is to go on the Fig Tree Drive. Banana plantations, coconut palms, reptiles, pelicans and a number of other birds. Stingray City is a brilliant place to go where you can swim with a number of stingrays. There is also a lot of culture and history for you to enjoy on the island.

Antigua - A Number Of Restaurants To Enjoy

Antigua has some brilliant restaurants around the hotel grounds and along the beaches. All offer some brilliant Caribbean cuisine including a lot of seafood. Other cuisines include West Indian, French, Italian and International. When it comes to tipping on the island, people normally add about 10% to their bills. Nightlife in Antigua is livelier in some areas than in others. The majority of the nightclubs on the island are very stylish and popular with both locals and tourists. Other types of nightlife include eating out in one of the many restaurants or going to one of the beach bars to enjoy the sunset and music. Public transport is good with a number of taxis taking you where ever you need to go. It is also important to tip around 10% to taxis as well. The island has a number of spas for you to enjoy which are guaranteed to add to your already relaxing experience. John's shopping centres are definitely worth visiting so that you can partake in some duty-free shopping.

Antigua - One Of The Sunniest And Dryest Islands

Antigua has brilliant weather for the majority of the year. July to September sees the hottest temperatures, being around 30 degrees. March to August will also give you around 9 hours of sunshine a day. All year round, the temperature is above 25 degrees, with the average being 28 degrees. The island is warm and dry and well suited to family and couple holidays. The warm seas make water sports even more perfect and the sunset makes for a very romantic setting. The sunshine can be very strong so it is important to wear suntan lotion. Light clothing can be worn all year round and if you want a breeze then it is best to stay at the beach. During the British winter, temperatures in Antigua are above 28 degrees. The rainy season is May to October but Antigua is one of the driest of the Caribbean islands so you do not see much rain here. Even in the winter months, you will still be able to enjoy around 8 hours of sunshine a day. When it does rain in Antigua, it rarely rains for long.

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