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The Caribbean offers you everything that you could possibly want from a beach holiday. There is so much for you to enjoy and the weather makes it the perfect destination for weddings, honeymoons and relaxation. There are many destinations within the Caribbean for you to enjoy, all with beautiful beaches, clear waters, sunshine and luxury settings. The Caribbean is the perfect setting for couples, as well as families and groups, whether they are looking for a relaxing holiday or a range of nightlife. There are a number of all-inclusive offers available to the Caribbean and all of them are becoming increasingly popular. The Caribbean is somewhere that people enjoy in both the winter and the summer and believe it or not, there are also cheap deals that you can get last minute. The transfer times vary depending on where in the Caribbean you are staying and where you are flying to. The beaches are amazing and very picturesque. They are covered in soft white sands that lead down to the beautiful turquoise waters. The majority of the accommodation in the Caribbean is located in beautiful settings along the beach or away from the coast, surrounded by beautiful landscapes. All accommodation is of a high quality and caters to everyones needs, with a range of cuisines, drinks and beautiful rooms. There are also many apartments and villas to be enjoyed as well as hotels.

Caribbean - A Wide Range Of Water Sports And Land Activities For You To Enjoy

The Caribbean has beautiful turquoise waters which are warm, making water sports all the more enjoyable. The water sports are located in the perfect setting and there are many for you to try, These include jet-skiing, water-skiing, canoeing, kiteboarding, parasailing, windsurfing, surfing, scuba diving, snorkelling and even sailing. The wind conditions at the beaches make windsurfing and surfing perfect and both of these are very popular among tourists and locals. The most popular water sports in the Caribbean are scuba diving and snorkelling. The clear waters make these even more enjoyable and the sights you see are picturesque. Equipment is available to hire and there is full tuition if you feel that you need it. You will see some amazing reef formations unlike anywhere else as well as underwater caves, shipwreck and a lot of marine life including tropical fish and turtles. When it comes to sailing, you can hire your own boat or going on a luxury boat trip with others. Sailing is a great way to get around and see other Caribbean islands. If you would rather stay out of the water then why not try hiking. It is a brilliant way to get around the islands and there are many different hikes that you can do such as going through a rainforest or climbing up a volcano. Horse-riding is also popular and a good way of getting around the island that you are staying on. Horse-riding is something that people of all ages can try and enjoy and it makes a brilliant famiy activity. There are many carnivals that happen all over the Caribbean and they include music, colourful parades and an experience that will never be forgotton.

Caribbean - Plenty Of Cuisines To Choose From And A Range Of Nightlife

The Caribbean destinations have a number of restaurants offering a range of cuisines such as seafood, Caribbean, Cuban, Italian, Jamaican and Mediterranean. All cuisines are available from restaurants or in the hotels. Depending on where you are staying, some cuisines may be expensive and others may be more affordable. The nightlife varies in each destination. Cancun has a nightlife like no other. It is definitely an experience when you travel to Cancun with a number of clubs, bars and restaurants to choose from. Resorts such as St Lucia are more relaxing however you may still find some light nightlife in some places. Barbados also has a good nightlife as well as quieter areas to enjoy. Shopping in the Caribbean is brilliant. You will find everything such as clothes, shoes, bags, cosmetics, perfumes, food, souvenirs, antiques and gifts. There is definitely something available to everyone. There are taxis around the Caribbean taking you around each destination.

Caribbean - Perfect Weather For A Relaxing Beach Holiday

Temperatures in the Caribbean are high all year round, with the temperature remaining above 20 degrees throughout the year. December and January are the coldest months in the Caribbean with May to August being the hottest months. The winter months are very popular in the Caribbean as it is still warm and there is very little rainfall apart from the odd possible shower in the evenings. The most rainfall is in the summer months as they are notoriously hot and wet. June to November is hurrican season but the temperature can still reach up to 32 degrees. Between January and February you will find that the temperatures are around 24 degrees making the Caribbean a comfortable place to be in. June to August sees the most sunshine with around 10 hours a day. The coastal breezes make the temperatures comfortable and give you a good excuse to laze around at the beach. Even at the end of October, which marks the end of the rainy season, you wil find temperatures still remain at around 27-28 degrees.

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