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Sal is the most popular island in the Cape Verde Islands attracting many visitors every year. Sal offers something for everyone, with couples, families and groups travelling to the island throughout the year. It offers many all-inclusive holidays and the accommodation varies for those on a budget to those wanting a luxury hotel or villa. People of all ages come to Sal to experience the different cultures, review the history and to take in the different sights. The transfer times in Sal vary depending on where you are staying, however none of them are too long and you are able to take in the sights of the island as you travel. Sal has a number of beaches for you to enjoy, some busier than others. The most popular of the beaches is Santa Maria. It is covered in pale white sands and clear waters. There are a number of sunbeds for you to hire however it is best to get there early to ensure that you get one. Many hotels, bars and cafes line the edge of the beach and there are plenty of water sports for you to enjoy. The waters at the beaches are all warm and calm making them perfect for people of all ages to swim in. The benefits of spending your day at the beach include the cool breeze to keep you comfortable in the heat.

Sal - A Number Of Water Sports For You To Enjoy

Sal is home to some beautiful beaches, which are all home to some brilliant water sports. Windsurfing, surfing, kite surfing, scuba diving and snorkelling. The warm, clear waters make scuba diving even better with the tropical and coloured reef fish. A number of ship wrecks can be seen, including the East Indiamen which took all its treasures down with it. A number of humpback whales have been seen in Murdeira Villas Bay as they bring their calves here. Turtles are also a popular sight as many of them breed on the beaches. Out of the water, there is tennis and golf for you to enjoy and a number of tours for you to experience. Islands tours are popular and some take you to the neighbouring island if Boa Vista. Coastal cruises and 4x4 safaris are also very popular with many people as is the excursion to the volcano crater of Pedra da Lume. When in Sal, it is possible to visit the other Cape Verde Islands via flights or ferries. If the activities are not for you then you can just laze around at the beach or by your pool and enjoy the sunshine.

Sal - Plenty Of Restaurants And Nightlife To Experience

There are a number of restaurants in Sal with a number of cuisines available to you. All of the resorts on the islands of Sal have a number of restaurants available so you can try different cuisines. Many of the hotels have brilliant foods on offer but if you do want to eat out then there are plenty of restaurants to choose from. You can find Spanish, Italian and Indian cuisines amongst to enjoy around the island. A number of fish restaurants are available for those of you who enjoy seafood and plenty of pasta and pizza bars to enjoy. Many of the local dishes are produced from seafood and include lobster, cachupa and fresh tuna. The wine in the restaurants generally comes from local vineyards and many places brew their own lagers. The nightlife in Sal varies from being lively with live music in many of the bars and discos and relaxed in one of the many restaurants. Sal is the liveliest of all of the Cape Verde Islands but there are places for more relaxed evenings if that is what you prefer. There are a number of shops in Sal, mainly offering clothing, souvenirs, surfing equipment, food and bags. There are also a number of local market stalls around the island.

Sal - Brilliant Weather With Warm Seas And A Cooling Breeze

Sal has fantastic weather for the majority of the year. In the summer months, the temperature can be high and around 10 degrees warmer than the Canary Islands. The waters in Sal are always warm and perfect for swimming in. Rain occurs at times in the winter months and the hurricanes always occur west of the Cape Verde Islands so there is rarely bad weather. August and September are the hottest months in Sal, being around 30 degrees celsius. The sea temperatures can also be high ranging from 22-27 degrees. The lowest average temperature in Sal is 24 degrees in January and February, showing that it is warm all year round. April and May have the most sunshine, with around 10 hours a day. The best time to visit the island of Sal is between March and June. There is rainfall on the island, the most actually being in August, however it is over quickly and after a couple of hours in the sunshine you would never know that it had rained.

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