Cape Verde Holidays

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Holidays in Cape Verde are very picturesque and visited by families and couples every year. Over the years the islands have become increasingly popular meaning there is now a lot more for tourists to do. The Cape Verde Islands are made up of ten volcanic islands, each with picturesque mountains and deserted beaches. The beaches in Cape Verde are amazing, with golden sands leading down to crystal clear waters and plenty of space for you to relax. The Cape Verde Islands are known to many as luxury destinations and many of the hotels in Cape Verde offer brilliant facilities and are located along the beaches. Many large international chains can be found on the Cape Verde Islands, all graded from 1-5-stars and offering a range of board basis such as all inclusive.

Cape Verde Plenty Of Water Sports To Try

Cape Verde Islands have some fantastic beaches and therefore have a number of water sports available. The islands are known to have some of the best waves in the world, making them perfect for people who enjoy surfing and windsurfing. You can also try water-skiing, scuba diving and snorkelling. Diving is very popular as you get to sea all of the marine life through the crystal clear waters. Live music normally plays in many areas which gives you something to listen to or you can try barefoot dancing on the beaches where you are likely to find a few locals teaching you some special moves.

Cape Verde A Large Number Of Restaurants To Choose From

Seafood is hugely popular in Cape Verde and much of it is cooked straight from the sea. Cape Verdean food is a mixture of Portuguese, African and Creole flavours and comes highly recommended. It is normal for a tip of 10% to be given for good service in both restaurants and bars. The nightlife in the islands is based on traditional live music where the locals show off their dance moves and encourage you to join in. Nightclubs can also be found near the larger hotels as well as a number of bars. Shopping is mainly restricted to markets and supermarkets.

Cape Verde Tropical Temperatures

The Cape Verde Islands have tropical temperatures meaning that there is no real cold season. The coldest months are December to March, however even then it is still warm. March to May see the most sunshine with 10 hours a day, however September is the warmest month at 30C. The coldest months still do not fall below 24C. September also sees the highest water temperature at 25C.

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