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The resort of Playa Amadores is well suited for families due to its cleanliness and relaxing and friendly atmosphere. The transfer time is around one hour meaning you can take a look at a lot of the scenery that Gran Canaria has to offer. You can also get your bearings and work out where exactly your resort is located. The beach is very attractive with fine, golden sand and crystal clear waters. The landscape around the beach is very picturesque and makes the setting even more appealing and relaxing. A lot of the accommodation in Playa Amadores is located on the cliff side and many of the hotels range from 2-4-stars.

Playa Amadores - Explore The Underwater Wrecks

Scuba diving is very popular in the resort of Playa Amadores and diving trips are arranged for you to see the marine life and even some wreckages, which still remain under the water, away from the shore. The beach tends to be very calm and with no ball games or radios allowed, it is very relaxing. There are many walks that you can go on around the resort, taking in all of the scenery and if this is not enough for you then a walk to nearby Maspalomas is recommended to go and see the sand dunes. The beach also has a romantic setting, as at sunset you are likely to see the peak of Mount Teide, located on Tenerife. Camel rides are available nearby which are definitely recommended.

Playa Amadores - Plenty Of Places To Eat And Drink

Playa Amadores is full of restaurants and bars that back onto the beach. The cuisines on offer include Italian, Canarian, English and a lot of seafood. There are a few cocktail bars and live music bars in the resort and more in nearby Puerto Rico. Many of the bars nearby are open until late so you can enjoy a lively evening after a relaxing day. The shops also back the beach and you will find souvenirs, clothing and jewellery along there. Public transport is good with many taxis offering cheap rates to other resorts such as Puerto Rico and many buses taking you to other resorts.

Playa Amadores - Perfect Summer Weather

Playa Amadores is located in the south west, meaning it sees some of the best of the weather. It is very dry and hot in Playa Amadores with very little rainfall. The summer temperatures are around 28°C in August and September, with January and February still reaching over 22°C. There is rarely any rain in the south as it is so warm and dry. The north will see most of the rain, however the winds from the north do sweep down to the south, however this is welcomed as it keeps the temperatures stable. The rain normally falls between December and February but you still tend to get around 7 hours of sunshine a day. In the summer you will get around 12 hours of sunshine a day so there is plenty of time to have fun in the sun.

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