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Arguineguin is still very popular amongst locals and is not yet a major tourist resort. It is a very quiet resort, which is perfect for couples wanting to go on a relaxing, peaceful holiday. Las Palmas transfers take approximately one hour and 20 minutes, although this can vary depending on the amount of drop-offs you have. The advantage is that you can take in you surroundings and get a feel for the location of your resort. There are two relatively small beaches in Arguineguin, which are full of pale sands and clear waters. If you are looking for a better beach, then nearby Puerto Rico is the place to visit. The hotels in Arguineguin mainly range from 1-3-star.

Arguineguin - Perfect For Relaxing

Arguineguin doesn't have a lot to offer, other than a relaxing time. Activities go on in the hotels such as tennis and swimming but other than that, there is not much action going on. There is plenty of walking to be done as the resort is very picturesque and still has a slight fishing village feel to it. There are plenty of excursions to go on such as a trip to the three theme parks on offer, as well as a trip to the crocodile park or the camel safari park. Excursions into other resorts such as Las Palmas are popular as you can shop all day long.

Arguineguin - Amazing Scenery With A Beautiful Landscape

There are a few bars and restaurants in the resort, mainly fish restaurants which are very good and receive a lot of customers. If you enjoy markets, then you should definitely visit the biggest market in the south, held in Arguineguin. Here you will find crafts, jewellery, clothing and fresh produce at cheap, reasonable prices. There are regular buses in Arguineguin which take you to various points on the island. The main stop is Las Palmas and you will find fares very reasonable. Taxis are also available and are cheap, so make sure that you make a note of the number when you arrive in the resort.

Arguineguin - Warm Temperatures Throughout The Year

Arguineguin is located in the south, meaning it sees the best of the weather. It is very dry and hot in Arguineguin with very little rainfall. The summer temperatures are around 28°C in August and September, with January and February still reaching over 22°C. There is rarely any rain in the south as it is so warm and dry. The north will see most of the rain, however the winds from the north do sweep down to the south, however this is welcomed as it keeps the temperatures stable. The rain normally falls between December and February but you still tend to get around 7 hours of sunshine a day. In the summer you will get around 12 hours of sunshine a day so there is plenty of time to have fun in the sun.

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