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Son Bou is the perfect resort for families and couples who enjoy quiet and peaceful beach holidays. If you go on holiday to purely relax then Son Bou is definitely the resort for you. The transfer time for this resort from the airport is around 20-30 minutes. This means you have just enough time to look at the surrounding scenery as well as get a vague understanding of the location of the resort and the location of your accommodation within the resort. The beach is long and narrow and covered with fine sand that is backed by dunes. It is the longest beach on the island of Menorca and some areas cater to naturists. There are plenty of hotels to choose from as well as a lot of self-catering complexes. Most of the accommodation ranges between 2-4-stars although there are some 5-star options on the edge of the resort. All have all of the facilities that you would expect and need.

Son Bou - Main Attraction Is The Beach

Son Bou is home to the longest beach on the island and this is where many people choose to spend their days. However, this is not for everyone which is why there is also some sightseeing for you to do. There are ruins of the Christian Basilica at the top end of the beach which give you a feel for the history of the resort. There are plenty of excursions to go on such as boat trips, visits to prehistoric monuments, fishing or windsurfing in Fornells, sightseeing, shopping, walking and bird-watching or even golf in Son Parc.

Son Bou - Plenty Of Places To Choose From

If you are not eating in your hotel, then there are plenty of restaurants that cater to tourists. You will find a range of cuisines such as Spanish, Tapas, Italian and British as well as some fast food restaurants scattered along the seafront. There are some lively bars to keep you entertained of an evening as well as a disco that is located opposite Club royal. You may find karaoke as well as live music in some bars. There are two large commercial centres for you to enjoy should you fancy going shopping. You will find plenty of supermarkets to choose from if you have gone self-catering, as well as souvenirs and clothing. Public transport is quite good in the resort with buses taking you in and around the area. Five buses a day will take you to Mahon and a tourist train goes through the resort stopping at hotels and the beach.

Son Bou - A Typically Mediterranean Climate

Son Bou is blessed with long, warm summers, clear blue skies and hours of sunshine. Winter in Son Bou is still good as it remains fairly mild. Although there is rain in the winter, it is light and moderate. There are cool breezes that sweep across the resort maintaining temperatures and making it a lot cooler for you. Summer sees temperatures reaching 30°C with 11 hours of sunshine a day. Temperatures have also been known to reach 35°C, especially during August. Very little rain falls between July and September making it a very popular summer destination. During the winter, you may only see 5 hours of sunshine and temperatures will drop to 14°C. This is between December and January, however in March, temperatures start to rise again, reaching 18°C. It is very rare that it will rain for a whole day in Son Bou. When it does rain, it usually clears up very quickly.

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