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San Antonio Bay is located on the south side of Ibiza and it quite a relaxing destination whereas San Antonio is on the north side on the island and is obviously very lively. Golden sands and clear blue seas can be seen in San Antonio Bay which is just one of the reasons as to why it is such as relaxing resort. San Antonio Bay is perfect for families as it is such a safe, relaxing and scenic resort.

San Antonio Bay - Something For Everyone

There is always something to do in San Antonio Bay, especially when you are close to the warm waters and golden sands. Water sports can be found at all beaches and you can try your hand at para-sailing, jet-skiing, scuba diving and riding the banana boats. There is a lot of shopping on offer in San Antonio Bay. These include clothes shops, an off licence, food shops and souvenir shops. One activity that does not require much but has become very popular is watching the sunset. The sunset in Ibiza is just magical and there is no better place to get a clear view of it than San Antonio Bay. The best place to go is along one of the many beaches, although it can be seen from many places. There is no shortage of activities for children, as they have bouncy castles, playgrounds, minigolf and a rodeo to enjoy throughout the day and night. There are a lot of entertainment shows in bars and pubs and there is also some in hotels. Anyone can go and watch the shows and they will appeal to both adults and children. San Antonio Bay has fiestas on 17th January and the 24th August which everybody can enjoy.

San Antonio Bay - Plenty Of Places To Eat And Drink

There are many places to eat in San Antonio Bay, with a wide choice of cuisines. These include fish dishes, Chinese, Italian, Thai and English. All are reasonably priced and some offer take away services as well. There are over ten bars and caf├ęs open to you that will play live music, sports, and various other amusements. Hotels in San Antonio Bay range in price and vary from 2-stars to 4-stars. Hotels, bars and restaurants are priced best here than in any other resort so it is definitely the place to visit.

San Antonio Bay - Fabulous Beaches To Enjoy All Year Round

The weather in San Antonio Bay is one of the reasons why so many people go there. There is sunshine practically all year round with 12 hours of sunshine a day during July and August, and clear blue skies all over the island. During the winter months there are obviously less hours of sunshine, but when the sun does come out, it is still warm. Warmer clothes are needed in the evenings of the winter months as it can get fairly cold, especially by the sea front. Temperatures can reach above 30C in the summer months but there is a slight breeze to make the heat bearable.

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