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Punta Prima is a much loved beach resort that would appeal to people looking to go away and spend the day relaxing in the sun. Couples and families are the favourites in the resort. The transfer time for this resort is around 15 minutes which is one of the shortest transfer times for any resort on the island. This means that you have plenty of time actually within the resort itself. The beach in Playa Prima is one of the best as it is quite large with fine, white sands leading down to the waters edge. It does get very crowded in the summer so try to get there early if you are going to go. There are plenty of apartments and hotels in Punta Prima ranging from 2-4-stars. All have the products and services that you would expect can be found in both the apartments and hotels.

Punta Prima - Some Historical Attractions To See

There are plenty of prehistoric and historic monuments in Punta Prima giving you a chance to get a feel for the history and traditions of Punta Prima. The beach is where you will find water sports such as snorkelling and swimming and there are also pedalloes that you can take out. Sailing also seems to be quite popular. Windsurfing and sailing can also be done on the beach and the coastal winds make them even better. Minigolf is available in the resort and there are also some tennis courts as well. There are plenty of excursions to go on such as boat trips, visits to prehistoric monuments, fishing or windsurfing in Fornells, sightseeing, shopping, walking and bird-watching or even golf in Son Parc.

Punta Prima - Several Lively Bars To Enjoy

Punta Prima is home to some good restaurants, with the favourite being Tapas. As well as this you will find British and Italian cuisine as well as a lot of seafood. For nightlife, there are several bars and disco's to choose from. The bars tend to be quite lively with entertainment and music. A few may stay open late, especially during the busy summer months. When it comes to shopping, there is not necessarily a lot on offer other than souvenirs and supermarkets. However, if you do want to do some serious shopping then you can head to Mahon via one of the eight daily buses.

Punta Prima - Brilliant Sunny Climate

Punta Prima is blessed with long, warm summers, clear blue skies and hours of sunshine. Winter in Punta Prima is still good as it remains fairly mild. Although there is rain in the winter, it is light and moderate. There are cool breezes that sweep across the resort maintaining temperatures and making it a lot cooler for you. Summer sees temperatures reaching 30°C with 11 hours of sunshine a day. Temperatures have also been known to reach 35°C, especially during August. Very little rain falls between July and September making it a very popular summer destination. During the winter, you may only see 5 hours of sunshine and temperatures will drop to 14°C. This is between December and January, however in March, temperatures start to rise again, reaching 18°C. It is very rare that it will rain for a whole day in Punta Prima. When it does rain, it usually clears up very quickly.

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