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Playa de Fornells is a perfect resort for tourists who enjoy quiet holidays and ones that go away to relax. People who enjoy learning about cultures and respect other peoples traditions will definitely find the resort appealing. From the airport, the transfer is likely to take around 40-45 minutes. This gives you plenty of time to look around at the surrounding scenery of Menorca as well as get an idea of the location of your resort and the location of your accommodation within the resort. The backdrop to parts of the beach is low cliffs. The sand on the beach is very fine and leads down to the clear waters edge. It is perfect for relaxing on and is very attractive. Most of the accommodation consists of private villas, however you will find many self-catering apartments and a few hotels as well.

Playa De Fornells - Plenty Of Activities For You To Try

There are plenty of activities for you to do including a few water sports such as windsurfing, snorkelling, scuba diving, sailing, surfing, swimming and water-skiing. There are also plenty of trips to the harbour that can be done where you will find some great seafood restaurants. If any of the water sports are not available then nearby resorts will have them on offer. There are many ancient ruins in the resort that people enjoy seeing as it gives them a feel for the history of the resort. A popular activity among people of all ages is the donkey safari. There are plenty of boat trips to go on which will take you to other resorts and secluded beaches. This is a good activity for people that want a good day out.

Playa De Fornells - A Fairly Quiet Resort

Playa de Fornells has a few restaurants which offer some good cuisine. A favourite in Playa de Fornells is seafood which can mainly be found by the harbour. Other than that, you will mainly find traditional cuisines such as Spanish and British. The nightlife is mainly limited to a few bars and these do not stay open until the early hours. The main shops in Playa de Fornells are souvenir shops and supermarkets. Mahon is the main place to go if you want to do some serious shopping. There are 3 daily buses to Mahon, but other than that you are fairly limited for public transport.

Playa De Fornells - Clear, Sunny Skies For The Majority Of The Year

Playa de Fornells is generally not too cold or too hot at any time. Temperatures in the resort tend to remain at comfortable levels. During the peak summer months, it is guaranteed that you will spend the day surrounded by clear blue skies and sunshine, however in the winter months, you may see some slight rainfall and feel a stronger coastal breeze. The sun still shines although only for around 5 hours, compared to 11 hours in the summer. Summer temperatures have been known to reach 30°C, particularly in August. Water temperatures tend to also be quite warm in the summer, making it perfect for all of the water sports that go on. November sees that start of the rainfall, with temperatures decreasing to between 15 and 18°C. Although there is more rainfall in the winter, it is still not excessive.

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