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The transfer time is only around 20 minutes meaning you can get plenty of time in the resort to look at the picturesque landscapes. Accommodation in Illetas is between 4-5-star quality and mainly appeal to couples and families. The resort is very different to Palma Nova and Magaluf as it is full of culture and is very peaceful and scenic. The beach is very appealing to tourists and is set beneath low cliffs making it even more scenic. There is plenty for people to see and do and the resort really gives you the chance to appreciate its landscape.

Illetas - Very Picturesque And Relaxing

Illetas is a very scenic resort and enables you to learn about and produce an interest in different cultures. There is a divers centre on La Solana beach which is open all year round and enables you to clean and change your diving equipment. There are plenty of golf courses around the resort and tourists are always welcome. The resort is very sophisticated which is why there are not any activities that could disturb the culture. You can take excursions into nearby resorts which is appealing to many people as it is something different. There are not many activities to partake in, other than sight-seeing.

Illetas - A Very Sophisticated Resort

Most entertainment is hotel based and there are no clubs with lively foam or laser parties or lively bars. The only bars that are in Illetas do not stay open until the early hours of the morning as this just wouldn't fit in with Illetas. There is one club available in Illetas which is very exclusive and stays open until 2am. Public transport within the resort is very good and buses come every 20 minutes. Buses take you into Palma and Paguera. There are a few restaurants for you to choose from offering Italian, Spanish and English cuisine.

Illetas - Perfect Weather For Tourists

Illetas does benefit from good weather as it is located on the coast. The water temperatures on average are high throughout the year, with land temperatures rarely going higher than 30C. Winter temperatures rarely drop below 10C however there is a breeze that can make it feel slightly cold. In the summer, there is a welcomed breeze that keeps the temperatures at a comfortable rate.

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