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Es Castell is not a resort for beach lovers, however it is good for people that want some local colour without having to be surrounded by hundreds of people in Mahon. The transfer time for this resort from Menorca airport is around 30 minutes meaning that you have just enough time to look at scenery and gain a slight understanding of the location of your resort and the location of your accommodation within the resort. Es Castell does not have a beach itself so your nearest options are Punta Prima and Es Grau. There are several small hotels in Es Castell as well as a few apartment complexes.

Es Castell - Plenty Of Sightseeing And Exploring To Do

Es Castell gives you the opportunity to go and explore other resorts such as Mahon. Es Castell itself is a quiet resort and is one where you need to make your own entertainment. Horse racing at the hippodrome can be popular with many people and you can travel to other resorts if you decide that you want to try water sports. As well as this, there are a lot of excursions that you can go on. There are many boat trips available as well as walking and bird-watching trips. There are also other resorts that you can go and visit such as Fornells which is actually a fishing village and has a brilliant windsurfing centre. Playing golf at Son Parc also tends to be a popular activity.

Es Castell - Wide Choice Of Places To Eat And Drink

Es Castell has many restaurants offering a range of cuisines. The most popular cuisines are the local and traditional ones. These are very popular among both locals and tourists. If you prefer something more familiar then you will find other cuisines such as Chinese, Italian and British. Seafood is also very popular, especially along the harbour. In the evenings, there are a few bars to keep you entertained and a couple of discos but it is not a lively resort. Public transport in the resort is quite good with six buses a day to Ciudadela and other similar services to other resorts.

Es Castell - Brilliant Sunny Climate

Es Castell is blessed with long, warm summers, clear blue skies and hours of sunshine. Winter in Es Castell is still good as it remains fairly mild. Although there is rain in the winter, it is light and moderate. There are cool breezes that sweep across the resort maintaining temperatures and making it a lot cooler for you. Summer sees temperatures reaching 30°C with 11 hours of sunshine a day. Temperatures have also been known to reach 35°C, especially during August. Very little rain falls between July and September making it a very popular summer destination. During the winter, you may only see 5 hours of sunshine and temperatures will drop to 14°C. This is between December and January, however in March, temperatures start to rise again, reaching 18°C. It is very rare that it will rain for a whole day in Es Castell. When it does rain, it usually clears up very quickly.

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