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Portinatx is a very modern resort located in the North of Ibiza in the Balearic Islands. The beaches in Portinatx have clear blue seas with gorgeous white sands. Making them even more appealing is the fact that they are located between stunning landscapes, including a lot of woodland on the hills. Couples and families tend to enjoy Portinatx as it is very relaxed and has beautiful settings for tourists to really appreciate. The shallow waters of the beaches make them safe for children. S'Arenal Grand is the largest beach in Portinatx, with the smallest being S'Arenal Petit. Flights to Ibiza take approximately 2.5 hours.

Portinatx - Amazing Beaches For All To Enjoy

Portinatx beaches offer people the chance to go snorkelling and see inside the caves, as well as looking at the coral reefs and tropical fish. Other water sports on offer to you include windsurfing, para-gliding, scuba diving, taking out a pedalo. Portinatx is home to the shipwreck by the caves which you will be able to see when you take out the glass bottom boat. There are many excursions available to you in Portinatx which include the water park which will appeal to people of all ages, and a Casino night. Spanish dancing nights are also available where you can watch and learn the various dances that they show you. Island tours are a great way of getting out of the resort and going to explore others. These are available most days, enabling tourists to visit the different shops and restaurants Portinatx has to offer. There is also beach volleyball, waterslides and a bowling alley available for children.

Portinatx - Calm Days With A Lively Nightlife

Portinatx does have its lively side, especially at night. Family entertainment can be found in most of the hotels, as the bars and pubs tend to offer loud music, live bands and discos. Portinatx is not as lively as Ibiza Town but it still attracts a lot of attention. There are various different cusines on offer, including Spanish, English, Chinese and Italian. There is also a lot of freshly caught fish that is normally on the menu of many restaurants. One main attraction to many people are the shops in the shopping centre. You can get everything from food, to clothes, to little gifts for people back home.

Portinatx - Perfect Summer Weather

The weather in Portinatx is brilliant, especially in the Summer. From September, it may start to get slightly overcast on the odd day, however the real cold will not start until November. The Summer temperatures are brilliant at 30ºC and with the winter temperatures rarely falling below 0ºC, it is the perfect resort to visit. August is the best month to visit, but between June and September you should be very lucky with the weather. During July and August, you will get 12 hours of sunlight a day, as well as the hottest temperatures. In the winter, you would more or less have the resort to yourself as so few people would go there, meaning it would be even more relaxing for you to enjoy.

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