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Cala Llonga is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Ibiza for British holidaymakers. It is very relaxed and quiet compared to other resorts and is perfect for families and couples. The beach is very long and is often filled with holidaymakers relaxing on their holidays. There are gorgeous white sands and beautiful waters for you to go and swim in, with warm water temperatures. Cala Llonga is very picturesque, with a beautiful landscape and plenty of amenities for people. These include shops, supermarkets, restaurants and bars. Flights to Ibiza take approximately 2.5 hours.

Cala Llonga - Plenty To Occupy Children

Cala Llonga beach has proved very popular with children as there is a wooden playground there and a funfair nearby. There is a nearby golf course which proves very popular amongst people and lessons can be taken if you feel that you need them. It is also possible for you to hire the golfing equipment if you havent taken your own. There are plenty of water sports for you to try inclusing diving, windsurfing and para-gliding as well as horse-riding and tennis which is available for both children and adults.

Cala Llonga - Fireworks Displays And Beautiful Restaurants

There is a brilliant fireworks display to catch during Cala Llonga Festival, with plenty of restaurants to enjoy both day and night. There are no banks in Cala Llonga, just one cash machine. However many places, including hotels, will change up money for you. There are plenty of shops selling clothes, food and gifts for people back at home. Everything is fairly reasonably priced in Cala Llonga, which is one of the reasons why the restaurants and bars are usually busy. There is a wide variety of different cusines available in Cala Llonga such as sea food, Chinese, Spanish, Italian and English. There is some nightlife such as bars and clubs in Cala Llonga so groups of singles have something to do in the evening.

Cala Llonga - Perfect Hot Summers And Glistening Water

The weather in Cala Llonga is much like other resorts with hot summers and cooler winters. Winters tend to be more cloudy with some rainfall but the majority of the summer tends to be filled with clear blue skies and bright sunshine 12 hours a day. August is the best month to visit Cala Llonga as it is the hottest month and the sun reflects beautifully off the water. In the winter, it is advised to take a jacket for the evening but it can still be farily warm during th day. In the summer it is unlikely that you would need it but take small jacket for the evenings just in case. There is virtually no rainfall in the summer although in the winter there will be some but it is not as heavy as it is in the UK.

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