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North of San Antonio Bay, it is the perfect resort for families with young children as it's safe and very quiet, so you can always keep an eye on them. Cala Gracio is a very quiet resort that does not have much to offer, although it is close to San Antonio Bay so you can go there for all of the bars and restaurants. There are a few restaurants in Cala Gracio but the main thing to do there is sunbathe, swim in the sea and go on quiet walks. There is a bar on the beach and neither the beach or the bar are ever crowded as many people choose to stay close to their local beach. There are a few hotels in Cala Gracio and villas available that offer various board basis. Flights to Ibiza take approximately 2.5 hours.

Cala Gracio - Water Based Activites With Beautiful Sights

There is not much to do in Cala Gracio other than sunbathe and eat, however there is one thing that will appeal to families and couples. The Aquarium Cap Blanc is home to many tropical fish from the Mediterranean waters and children can learn all about the fish and become fascinated by the various different colours that they appear in. There a pedalos available at the beach for you to enjoy in the summer months where you can see the fish in the sea and go for a swim further out.

Cala Gracio - Beautiful Landscapes And Scenery

Sun beds and pedalos are available in the hot summer months and there is a restaurant on the beach that is located virtually on the waters edge that offers fish and pasta dishes. The scenery in Cala Gracio is something that many people can appreciate. There is a lot of plant life as well as a lot of rocky landscapes around the resort which help to make it all the more peaceful and tranquil. The only real noise is from the children by the sea. Cala Gracio is definitely a resort to visit if you are looking for a deeply relaxing holiday. It is walking distance to San Antonio Bay, but it is still quite a long walk so unless you really want some nightlife then it is recommended to stay in the peace and quiet of Cala Gracio.

Cala Gracio - Hot Summers And Cooler Winters

The weather in Cala Gracio is very similar to most of the holiday resorts in Ibiza, with hot summer months and cooler winters. It can be slightly colder during evenings and winter in Cala Gracio as there are less people and less things going on. However, there are still 12 hours a day of sunshine in the summer and warm water temperatures. During the winter, the resort tends to be even quieter as it obviously gets a lot colder. It is a very tranquil resort as it is a very quiet resort, making it very easy to sunbathe under the summer heat. There is some rainfall in the winter months but this is the same in all Ibiza resorts.

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