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Binibeca is quite an upmarket resort and is well suited to those looking to make their own entertainment while away. Families and couples will enjoy the resort the most. The transfer time to Binibeca from Menorca airport is a very short one of around 15 minutes. This means that you have plenty of time in your resort, although you may experience slight aircraft noise at some times. The beach is perfect for relaxing on with its fine, white sands and warm, clear waters. You will find both hotels and apartments in Binibeca although much of the accommodation is also private villas and bungalows as well. Many of the hotels and apartments are of a very high quality rating 4-5-stars. They also have all of the facilities and service that you would need for your stay in the resort.

Binibeca - Plenty Of Sights For You To Go And See

Binibeca is home to some prehistoric monuments which are very popular as you get a feel for the history of the resort. A day trip to Binibeca Vell is a must as it ha been restored back to a traditional fishing village. It is a very relaxed area and is home to some brilliant architecture. Cricket is a very popular activity in Binibeca as is Tennis. It is brilliant to watch and there are also plenty of places for you to go and try tennis. Diving is very popular on the beach and you can have full diving instructions if you need them. It is a great way to see the marine life and the rock formations beneath the water. Everyone from beginners to experienced divers are welcome to try it. Horse riding is popular and is also a good way of seeing the sites around the resort. It takes you on many coastal trails and is a good way to see the countryside which you may not normally bother looking at. Horse riding can also be done on the beach which is a brilliant setting, especially at sunset.

Binibeca - A Handful Of Upmarket Restaurants

Binibeca does have restaurants with the main cuisine being local. Most of the restaurants offer Spanish cuisine along with Tapas and seafood. There is also the off Italian and Chinese restaurant. There is very little in the way of nightlife. There are a few bars, however these are not open late. It is really down to you to make your own family entertainment. There are not many shops in Binibeca however you could get a bus into Mahon if you wanted to try some serious shopping, where you could find jewellery, clothing, bags, shoes, leather goods, souvenirs and other crafts. There are 3 daily buses into Mahon and from there you can get buses or taxis to other resorts if you wish.

Binibeca - A Typically Mediterranean Climate

Binibeca is blessed with long, warm summers, clear blue skies and hours of sunshine. Winter in Binibeca is still good as it remains fairly mild. Although there is rain in the winter, it is light and moderate. There are cool breezes that sweep across the resort maintaining temperatures and making it a lot cooler for you. Summer sees temperatures reaching 30°C with 11 hours of sunshine a day. Temperatures have also been known to reach 35°C, especially during August. Very little rain falls between July and September making it a very popular summer destination. During the winter, you may only see 5 hours of sunshine and temperatures will drop to 14°C. This is between December and January, however in March, temperatures start to rise again, reaching 18°C. It is very rare that it will rain for a whole day in Binibeca. When it does rain, it usually clears up very quickly.

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