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We can be contacted by post, telephone, email or fax. Details are available on our contact page.

When travelling abroad unforeseen accidents and illnesses can occur. We all hope never to be taken ill or injuried abroad, but sometimes it happens. To protect yourself and your partner or family, you can purchase fully comprehensive travel insurance. You may be refused travel if you cannot produce a valid certificate of insurance. Medical treatment outside of the UK can be very expensive. In many countries you will not get treatment unless you pay before treatment or provide a valid insurance certificate, however serious the condition.

Charter flights are more suited to typical holiday resorts found in a Tour Operator's brochure. They are often cheaper than scheduled flights, but not always. Charter flights don't fly to as many destinations as scheduled flights and they often suffer from flight time changes.

Scheduled Flights are suitable for both holidaymakers and business travellers alike. They tend to be more expensive than charter flights, but cover more destinations. They are regularly scheduled flights, so they suffer less from flight time changes, although flight time changes can still occur.

Please contact the operator you booked with and register a complaint. We are not in contact with the travel operators customer service departments.

We welcome all feedback. Please use our feedback form to contact us with suggestions or reviews of the destinations, services and products we advertise. The information you provide, whether positive or negative, will be used to improve our service and for the benefit of our website's visitors.

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