Now that the UK has experienced what we assume was summer’s last resurgence at the end of September, thoughts will be turning once more to winter holiday options.

While many Brits will simply find some cheap flights to Tenerife and escape to the Canary Islands, there are plenty of other options. While the Canaries offer low cost combined with the convenience of a relatively short flight, these few destinations offer something slightly more out of the norm for those looking for a touch of adventure in the their winter travels.


There are plenty of good-value flights to Dubai available and the winter is the perfect time to visit the emirate, as temperatures are not as fierce as during the summer, where the thermometer can almost hit the 50°C mark. Temperatures in the winter usually remain between 20-25°C and activities available to visitors range from golf and diving right through to falconry and sandboarding out in the dunes.


Always a favourite, Thailand offers the winter traveller temperatures of around 30°C, as well as good range of cheap hotels and an unparalleled welcome from the local people. Visitor numbers are booming again in 2011, and holidaymakers looking for a scenic and friendly destination for not too much money won’t do much better.


With visitor numbers lower than usual due to recent unrest in North Africa, Morocco and Tunisia are proving a good value option for families wanting warm temperatures and the good bathing waters of the Mediterranean. Airlines such as BA and BMI have recently added direct flights to Marrakech from the UK to their books, making the city a great option for a quick winter-warmer city break.