Google’s Street View technology was released this morning in the Belgian capital and the city’s tourism agency, VisitBrussels, has implemented this into its application, providing holidaymakers and business travellers alike with a comprehensive view of its most important tourist attractions.

Previously, users of VisitBrussels’ website would be able to explore landmarks via photographs overlaid onto an integrated Google map. Now people visiting the website will be able to Google’s popular mapping tool to get a close look at sites such as The Grand-Place “in all its glory” and The Marolles, described as the “popular and jovial heart of the city.”

Chief Executive Officer of VisitBrussels, Patrick Bontinck, explained that “Nowadays, people are planning their journeys online to a greater extent. The online sale of train and air tickets is increasing. Hotel bookings are now also more often being made in this way. Today’s tourist books his journey from behind a screen in his own environment. As a result of this technology, he can also discover a bit about Brussels from that location.

Bontinck continued “he can as it were go for a walk in the neighbourhood of his hotel in order to discover whether it meets his expectations. As a modern Tourist Department, we are very aware of how this can help us to promote our destination, so we are very happy to be able to offer this technology on our website as of today.”

Described as a melting pot of Europe at the crossroads of northern Germanic culture and southern Romantic culture, VisitBrussels expects that more tourists will consider the city for their next trip having the ability to survey the popular areas first.