EOS AirlinesEos Airlines today announced the opening of Club 48, its new gate-side departure lounge at London Stansted Airport. Club 48 enhances Eos’ trademark “uncrowded,” stress-free travel experience, offering a relaxing, contemporary, amenity-filled environment. Club 48 is the most upscale facility at London Stansted, which has quickly become the preferred alternative to Heathrow for trans-Atlantic travel.

“Traditionally, airlines have lounges; Eos has a club, an environment that celebrates and embraces our guests,” said Adam Komack, senior vice president of marketing at Eos. “Club 48 is an extension of the Eos Class experience, another place where we treat our guests with genuine care instead of simply serving them well.”

Club 48 offers a host of amenities, including two 50” widescreen televisions, individual computer workstations, WiFi access, and bar and food services. The use of luxurious materials such as leather seating, granite and frosted glass counters and tables, natural walnut veneers, artwork in rich colors and textures and satin stainless steel make for a warm environment. Secluded seating areas with translucent divider screens offer a more private experience. The guest services counter and circulating attendants ensure all requests are tended to prior to boarding.

About Eos Airlines
Eos provides single-class premium service in a class by itself – “Eos Class.” Eos was named “Best Long Haul Business Airline. at the 2007 Business Travel World Awards based on the strength of its dedicated employees, operational excellence and “uncrowded. guest experience. Eos flies the world.s only Boeing 757s outfitted with only 48 “suites,” each of which houses an award-winning 6.6. fully-horizontal flat-bed and provides 21 square feet of personal space with guaranteed aisle access for every guest. Eos offers 32 flights per week between New York.s JFK Airport and London.s Stansted Airport – with expansion to 40 flights per week set for September- and takes responsibility for the complete end-to-end experience of its guests.