A new survey has revealed the destinations most commonly found on US families’ wish lists for a ‘dream holiday’, with Europe coming top of the poll.

The survey, conducted by online travel agent Travelocity, found that 88 per cent of travellers with children said that they had a ‘money no object’ dream trip in mind. Of those, 60 per cent said they most valued an authentic experience of local cultures as part of such a trip, while the remaining 40 per cent said that they valued having the best service possible the most while on holiday.

With Europe coming top of the poll of most desirable locations for family trips, it is perhaps unsurprising that parents said that tours around foreign cities were the most desirable types of holiday for them and their children. 37 per cent of respondents said that city tours were their most favoured holiday type, while beach holiday were the second most popular option for family trips. 22 per cent opted for a relaxing beach holiday, with 18 per cent choosing a cruise and 12 per cent selecting theme parks as the best family holiday option.

The appeal of beach holidays to parents was also reflected by the position of Hawaii as the second most desirable location for a family holiday, getting a quarter of the votes. The Mediterranean came in at third place with 9 per cent of the vote, and Orlando also received 9 per cent of the vote. Australia completed the top five destinations with 6 per cent of the vote, while other destinations to feature in the top ten included Africa, Costa Rica and the Galapagos Islands.