Kevin Newton, Editor
Kevin is the travel news and blog editor at

Pete Klein, Author
Pete has been writing travel articles for over ten years and is an expert on how to make the most out of European countries as a holiday destination. Pete’s keen on travelling throughout Europe himself, with Spain, Greece, France, Germany, The Netherlands and Italy among the list of countries he has visited as a travel writer.

George Lambert, Author
George reports on current affairs in popular holiday destinations worldwide.

Chris Pratt, Author
As an expert in the air travel industry, Chris provides up to date information on the aviation industry for Flightline travel news.

Harold Dickenson, Author
Harold is a travel journalist with an extensive knowledge of world events and travel destinations.

Anne Wright, Contributor
Anne contributes holiday guides based on personal experiences as she travels around Europe.

Danielle Jones, Contributor
Danielle’s passion lies in finding unmissable holiday deals and sharing them with UK holidaymakers looking to get the most value from their holiday budget via our Travel news and blog, Flightline on Twitter and Flightline on Facebook.