New research has made apparent the use of a new and faintly bizarre piece of jargon in the travel lexicon: ‘thrillaxing’. The word apparently refers to what is possible with holidays providing both relaxation and thrilling activities – a combination said to be more relaxing than a basic beach holiday.

A study by holiday site iExplore has found that a growing number of Brits are opting for more active holidays, with two thirds of those surveyed saying they prefer adventurous holidays to help them escape from the worries of everyday life. Almost a third (29 per cent) of holidaymakers choosing a beach holiday spend their time worrying about the cost of their trip, according to the survey, and 24 per cent already have their minds on the dieting they will need to do to remedy the extra pounds gained with holiday food!

The ‘thrillaxing’ approach to holidays also seems to be beneficial for relationships, with 58 per cent of respondents saying they thought an active holiday was a major help in maintaining healthy relationships.

TV presenter Craig Doyle backed up the survey’s findings, saying that his perfect holiday would include “a good mix of beach, culture and activities, which could be anything from a scenic sightseeing cruise to snorkelling, sea-kayaking or sailing. Whilst beautiful beaches will always have their appeal, for me the key to coming home refreshed and with a treasure trove of memories is to get out and actually do something.”

Rob Laurens at iExplore highlighted the influence of celebrities on inspiring Brits to try new and more adventurous holiday options. “With TV celebrities taking part in ever more adventurous antics overseas, the British holidaymaker is becoming increasingly inspired to give new experiences a go,” said Mr Laurens.